PrinceFranchise is back with another epic hip hop tune !

By EDM Nations – November 18, 2020 2 0

Follow us on socials The mix is clean and powerful, the vocals cutting clear through the stomping beat underneath. Straight from Brooklyn, NY, we bring you today another hip hop bangin’ tune produced by PrinceFranchise called “Legend”. Definitely a tune you wouldn’t want to miss out on, so you better check it out bellow and add it to your personal playlists! Between the excellent flow and rhymes and the killer beat underneath, there’s nothing on this track which is less than impressive. Released a few days ago, this new track follows up PrinceFranchise ‘s last release “FAME”. This sing has a good progression and solid energy between verses and choruses, the excellent transitions further aiding in creating a good track cohesiveness and flow.