Zight and Sonna Rele teamed up for an amazing progressive house jewel !

By EDM Nations – January 12, 2021 7 0

“I don’t make music for money. The vocals are the cherry on the of the cake for this track, making it stand out and giving it additional uniqueness. The track is called “Fly Away” and YES, the uplifting vibes and the emotional vibes that are emerging from it will make you fly above the clouds! The atmosphere is also very solid and the transitions between sections are smoothly executed, giving the track a good flow and cohesion, further reinforcing said atmosphere. The energy of the track is excellent thanks to the rhythmic percussion used and the powerful groovy basslines on the drops. Follow us on socials I make music so that a piece of my soul lives forever with my melodies” said Zight and with this statement in mind, i urge you all to hit that play button and follow this guy, because we have a real talent here! Electronic music songwriter & producer from Hong Kong, Zight just released an amazing vocal progressive house jewel with Sonna Rele and we just LOVE IT! Opening with subtle instrumentals and emotive vocals, “Fly Away” builds into an undulating progressive drop that draws on inspiring lyrics and euphoric melodies, creating a captivating sonic journey that is both radio and dancefloor-friendly.