Ummet Ozcan talks about his latest release “Wonderful Days” and his future plans | EDM Nations Interview

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I take a lot time to get that right. Also a few big Ummet Ozcan tracks are on the horizon as well as a number of great collabs, pipeline stuff etc. Not sure what inspired me at that moment, but it was just there. What inspired the impeccable dance beat that is at the heart of the track? I am quite happy with its  progress, however the substyles come and go more frequent than ever. I like the inventiveness of the young producers community. What do you think of todays “EDM”? You can read the full interview bellow:

You’ve had an extensive career in the electronic dance music scene and witnessed its development. What do you have in store release wise and are there any other exciting projects on the horizon? 

Like mentioned before, the release of this special producers tool synth plugin.  Finally, do you have a quick message to your fans? How was it to collaborate with Charly Lownoise & Mental as well as Orange INC? It’s just the dynamics of EDM, you can’t change that. It’s very promising for the future! Do you think it’s important to make these records relevant again for a new generation? It worked out quite well! Very productive and pleasant, during the production we couldn’t do a real time studio session because of Covid, so we had to send stuff back and forth. Who are the legends on your bucket list to collaborate with? It was great fun to get my hands on this! It’s a nice way to keep that legacy alive. Imo a beat should always be impeccable; it’s the foundation of a genuine dance track. I have very nice memories of this classic track and have also met the guys a couple of times. We are  living in crazy and often difficult times, but stay strong and healthy and I hope to see you all very soon! There’s a certain nostalgic power in reviving old classics. What drew you to Dutch duo Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo’s 90’s hit ‘Wonderful Days’? I am pretty fond of film score so it would be an honour to do a track with the great Hans Zimmer. Yes there is an interesting story to be told about how EDM became what it is today. I spent hours and hours to work on it. We had the pleasure to chat a bit with Ummet Ozcan about his latest release “Wonderful Days”, his current and future plans and many more. Follow us on socials Have you spent a lot of time in the studio during lockdown? 

Oh definitely, I am working on a new synth plugin which  is very much time consuming.. That narrative comes with legendary artists and tracks that contributed. And after so many years I guess the time was right to do a new version together with them. Just listen to the music of the movie Interstellar and you know what I mean..


DJ and Producer Gatto opens up about his career | EDM Nations Interview !

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My productions cover a wide range of sounds and if you are looking to hear popular tracks, I’m probably not the DJ for you. I must have gone to the theater twenty times to watch Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same.”

When it comes to house music, the most influential time was when I was immersed into NYC club scene for several years. When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences? Whether it’s a fashion show or a nightclub gig, you have to prepare accordingly. Can you describe your approach to art and being an artist?I let my creativity lead the way. Follow us on socials In high school, I wasn’t into popular music, I was into classic rock. That’s a tough one. What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? I would hang out at Tunnel, Twilo and Vinyl quite regularly. I had a lot of success early in my DJ career opening for some of the bigger DJ’s and playing some great venues across the U.S. It just got to the point where many of the venues did not have decks anymore, or if they did, they weren’t in the best shape. Currently, I’m working on a collaboration with some performance and visual artists from Miami. Moreover, in 2021 I released the following tracks:  “Sunrise” Original Mix, “World’s Collide” Original Mix and “Missing You” Original Mix. I think the most important thing is to understand who the audience will be. What’s next for GATTO? I’m always working to create a high level of energy in the music while selecting tracks that really grab people. Up until about 4 years ago, I was strictly playing vinyl. The thing about DJ’ing and why it has always been so intriguing for me is how mixing two tracks together will never sound exactly the same no matter how many times you mix them. Music is so powerful. I’m just enjoying the process, sharing my music and playing music for people. It will be an online event featuring dancers, visuals and a DJ set. I trust my taste in music, but as a DJ you always have to be aware of what’s moving and grooving the dancefloor. In 1999 I bought my first decks, a Roland SP 808 and a Yamaha keyboard. A couple of years later I played my first gig, an underground party in the East Village, NYC. 7. 2. Whether it’s producing music or DJ’ing; I’m not trying to fit into any certain genre or style. What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career? We’re co-producing some great new music. There’s nothing more boring than a flat set of tracks that really have no direction. 6. I remember purchasing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and listening to it over and over again. 3. The music, the energy and the community inspired me and heavily impacted me at that time. What is it about DJing, compared to producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you? What do you usually start with when preparing for a set? At this point, I feel like each project I’m working on will be my best work. I’m also working with a new singer-songwriter. It’s set for later this summer. Any exciting projects coming up soon? Is there a criteria other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig? So, those were definitely highlights, but ultimately my passion is in creating music. I think about What tracks will grab the attention of the crowd to engage them? 1. At the same time, I also believe I’m just scratching the surface of my potential. 4.  

I’ve always been in love with music since I was very young. Then the journey begins. 5. Generally, I like to take people on a journey and create an experience.


Nathassia & D3FAI are chatting with us about their recent collaboration | EDM Nations Interview !

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F: I always start with the drop, then I proceed by either doing the break or go with the Intro/Outro parts and from there I build the whole track! 

EDM Nations:Nathassia, you have a distinctive & unique sound – can you share a little about your song writing process & how this has developed over time? You can imagine it came as a big surprise when Soulcast Ft Indian Princess ‘Someone Like Me’ ended up being a huge global club hit! About a year ago I was excited when I got introduced to D3FAI via Tony Byrne from Single Minded Promotions and the result was ‘Change The World’ – our first project and since then followed on by ‘In My Head’! Then a few months later he contacted me to start a new project and connected me with Nathassia and we’ve been working together ever since! I started making mashups, then edits with some production skills at the time and then suddenly started to make my own productions. I learned how to DJ and I realised I had found a new passion! D3FAI) – thanks for joining us! EDM Nations: Hi Nathassia and Federico (a.k.a. I took the whole year for myself, working on my productions and my new sound for 2021 and I’m so happy with the result of it! Following on from the success of their first collaboration – ‘Change The World’, which had key support from Kiss FM and was playlisted on Club MTV & MTV Dance International, Clubland TV and reached the MTV UK Top 20. Luckily that improved over time as did my English language writing skills being my native language is Dutch. We caught up with Nathassia and D3FAI as they build on their creative synergy returning with another slick joint release, this time with ‘In My Head’ at centre stage. F: For me it impacted sadly because 1 week before my shows at Bass In Your Face (Paraguay) and Lollapalooza (Argentina) the lockdown announcement was made, and these events got suspended. We had a great time, shared my story with him and he was quite happy about it! N: Thanks… Following the success of ‘Change The World’ and it being playlisted on MTV for 3 months it was obvious that we rock as a team!!! N: Industry press recently described my sound as: Worldly, Unique, Hypnotic

F: I’d say: Energetic, Emotional and Festival. 

EDM Nations:Reflecting back across the unusual year that was “2020” how did you both find it in terms of the impact on you as artists? But I’m always open to collaborations if I really like the idea/project!  

EDM Nations:Could you describe your signature sounds, in three words for us? Follow us on socials Also, I have it in mind to start my own label but I’ll take my time to have everything sorted out as much as I can and with the right people to run that project! F: Well, back in May/April, Tony sent me some new vocals from Nathassia and I totally loved it! The remix I did for ‘Lethal Industry’ by Tiësto got huge attention by the man himself and that made some other big DJs come around too – such as Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, Deorro and David Guetta etc. N: No, I enjoy both just as much and time permitting, I tend work on both collaborations and solo projects at the same time. I also will be part of a big project with my best friend Gandino which will be beneficial not only for us, but for lot of people, DJs and producers from Latin America and around the globe! When I first started song writing I was about 15 and obviously I didn’t have that much “life” experience, so my song writing was limited. Songs that I write as a solo artist or with my band can either start by writing the lyrics or by producing a demo first. I am also looking forward to building my Goddess Is A DJ project and I am working on several productions as a follow up to my debut remix as Goddess Is A DJ. Lockdown forced me to think outside the box, as I was no longer able to livestream my shows with my band, I was therefore determined to find other ways to continue to entertain my lovely fans all over the world. On the live show front, I am excited to continue both monthly live stream shows, the new Nathassia Devine Show & Goddess Is A DJ Live, every fortnight. I can’t wait to show everyone the new songs and projects I’ve done with Tony Byrne as well. 

EDM Nations: And finally, looking ahead into 2021 and beyond – what are some of your goals & objectives, any exclusive news you can share with us?  

N: I am working on my new NATHASSIA artist album out later this year. So, be ready for big stuff happening in 2021 and in the next years ahead! Right now, I’m focusing more on my singles as I’ve released many more collaborations than solo releases. EDM Nations:Over the years, you’ve both released numerous solo productions as well as a variety of collaborations with different artists – do you prefer one over the other? We started the project right away after ‘Change The World’ was released and we finally got it done in December! N: Thanks again! I got into the electronic music scene at 12, always listened to Hardwell, David Guetta, Tiësto, Deorro to say a few! I am now living in London, but I grew up in The Netherlands and during my studies in International Music Management at Haarlem University I went to London for work experience with ArchangelUK (who I met at ADE and are now my management!) On one of my first working days in their studio the singer who was booked called in sick and I was asked if I could sing instead. The Nathassia Devine Show is live from my house every second Saturday of the month at and Goddess Is A DJ Live is every last Saturday of the month at

F: My goals for this 2021 will def be get back to Touring, make some huge productions with some of the artist I really look up to, sign on some of my favourite labels such as Drumcode, Terminal M, Form, Heldeep to say a few, and make more livestream shows on some beautiful and crazy locations in my country Argentina and around the globe. There are a few different ways that I go about song writing. F: First of all, thanks for the invite! Nathassia (pronounced Natasha) being half Dutch & half Indian, emanates a mesmerising quality – bringing together both eastern and western cultures in spellbinding style. Things went really quickly from there, my team and I have been pleasantly surprised to see my Goddess Is A DJ show evolve from live streaming from my house, to a monthly show on the EDM Festival Channel of DIFM, to a monthly live show with big production streamed from my TV studio in London. It allows me to get closer to my fans despite lockdown. You’ve each established your own careers as artists in the music industry – can you tell us about your respective journeys into the electronic music scene & how your paths first crossed? The icing on the cake is that I have recently partnered with the Maestro platform who facilitate livestream events for the likes of Coachella, Deadmau5 and The Grammy Awards! In the case of ‘In My Head’, I initially wrote it as a top line over a track for Alesso! ‘In My Head’ was inspired by imagination, dreams and interest in virtual reality. N: Hi guys thanks for having us! My path with Nathassia crossed when I met Tony Byrne at ADE on 2019. I get inspired by anything around me and I was lucky enough to have travelled all over the world before the recent travel restrictions, as this really opens up your mind. We’ve got a lot of huge stuff in the works so a big up is about time.  

EDM Nations:Congrats on your second collaborative release, ‘In My Head’ (Big Room Remix) – can you tell us about the inspiration behind your track & what brought you together again for this second project? F: I do think both are super important! Really happy with the result as I got to showcase my new side of Techno on it which I really love!  

EDM Nations:D3FAI, when it comes to your production style which element(s) come first in your process – the drop, the breakdown, the build, the melody or something else? She now joins forces with one of Argentina’s hottest producers & electronic music artist. D3FAI (Revealed/Spinnin’/Dim Mak/Outlaw) has been making a big name for himself in recent years, picking up heavyweight support and collaborating with Blasterjaxx and Deorro, as well as official remixes for Hardwell and Steve Aoki. N: 2020 began with a massive blow when all flights were cancelled just two weeks before I was due to go to Argentina to meet D3FAI and perform “Change The World” with him at Lollapalooza, Buenos Aires. Federico Fragala a.k.a. That, plus I loooove his productions so a follow up was inevitable. Always dreamed of making my own music, playing big festivals full of people and travel around the world. I was on Tour there and we met in a really nice bar with Harrison and his manager, we didn’t plan to meet each other but we did!


Get ready to be impressed by Larvik newest future house release !

Specializing in EDM, Dance Music and Radio Pop, Larvik is greatly inspired by critically acclaimed artists of the EDM scene. And this futuresque tune has everything you expect from a great floor-pleaser: massive synths with emotional melodies, sweet vocals and of course a pumping groove! With stuttering beats, juggernaut drops and dreamy melodic hook, “Lost” showcases the crisp, flawless production of Lervik guys! Follow us on socials The duo ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with their unique brand of EDM consisting of compulsive hooks and danceable rhythms, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life. Larvik recently released a groovy and warm future house record called ‘Lost’. Enough with the talk, just press play below and enjoy this future house beauty and if you like it as we do, save it to your personal playlist. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Larvik is an up and coming DJ/Producer Duo with a penchant for writing infectious music and anthemic melodies.

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