Explord delivers massive EP that you will instantly love!

By EDM Nations – February 2, 2021 9 0

I really loved “Boss Fight”, one of these three, because of it’s huge power and festival trap vibes. The structure of the track is great and the energy is at peak time all throughout it thanks to the varied sounds and the excellent drumbeat and percussion.  Explord is a young trap and glitch hop producer from Missouri. Definitely a highlight for festival trap tunes this year, go check it out for yourself at the link below:

Follow us on socials The buildups are powerful and ensure the transitions between different sections of the tune are smooth and the whole track feels cohesive overall. At the age of 6, Logan’s love for music quickly grew as he learned to play guitar, trumpet, and piano. 

His brand new EP called “Space Bound” brings up 3 massive tunes that will make your speakers begs for mercy.