Cited as the LP’s closing track, “Another Minute” aptly invites listeners to “stay another minute” before parting ways with the 20-track journey that the LP generously delivers. I had also been a big fan of Muchi but never had anything to suit his vocals and style so when I started ‘Another Minute’ I knew this could be the perfect song to collaborate on. Featuring vocals from up-and-coming rapper Muchi, “Another Minute” sees Hydraulix try his hand at crafting conscious, elevated bedroom hip-hop. Hydraulix

“I had been listening to a LOT of The Kid Laroi and finding inspiration for some beats; he’s had a huge year and I was really inspired by his music in 2020. Although he’s best known for his hard-hitting style of freeform bass, Hydraulix aimed to hone in on his love for all things electronic, classic, contemporary, and future in his debut album. Once I heard the track come together I knew I wanted to close the album with it, its late-night vibes and lyrics [‘can’t you just stay another minute’] was exactly the message to finish off ‘Imposter Syndrome.”– Hydraulix

Follow us on socials Boasting an array of high-profile features on Imposter Syndrome, Hydraulix recruited bedroom producer and rapper Muchi to inject his effortless flow and conscious lyricism into the stripped-back, genre-blurring cut. At the heels of announcing the arrival of his debut album, Imposter Syndrome, and releasing a mammoth collaboration with Nitti Gritti, Hydraulix switches up the pace with “Another Minute”, the second single off the forthcoming LP. Once I had everything down I sent the track straight to Muchi who couldn’t have captured the vibe more perfectly, he killed it on this track. “Another Minute” showcases the Sydney-based artist’s versatility as a producer. “Another Minute” is out now across all DSPs via WAKAAN.
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Denver based produced Gloomi just released “Ignis” and we LOVE it !

By EDM Nations – June 18, 2021 4 0
Amazing melodies and sublime warm vibes on the break part, majestically combined with a heavy hitting bass/trap drop, oh yes , this is what i call a huge tune! Definitely a must hear for any trap lover out there, so go and check it out here:

Follow us on socials Gloomi said about “Ignis”: “I’ve been really excited to finally share this one – its a sonic departure from all of my prior releases, leaning much heavier and aggressive. The transitions between sections are smoothly executed, giving the track a good flow and further reinforcing it’s cohesiveness, which in turns helps retain that special atmosphere. Featuring a plethora unreal instruments and synths, “Ignis” is a great blend of bass, beats and atmospheric melodies, blending together to create an amazing melodic trap tune. Excited to finally showcase some more of my range, and hope you all enjoy.”

Well, we will definitively enjoy this one, be sure of that! The track has a great atmosphere fueled by flute chords and background pads while still also retaining great energy thanks to the excellent percussion used and the powerful 808 infused beats on the drops. Denver based produced Gloomi just released “Ignis” and we LOVE it!