We had a chat with Berlin based producer and DJ LOVRA | EDM Nations Interview !

By EDM Nations – June 25, 2021 10 0

Finally, the clubs have opened and events are allowed, we are allowed to dance again! So, it was very emotional for me to play my tracks and finally get feedback and feel the emotion. I am now ready for a lot of new adventures! I am very thankful that through Sony Music I now have the opportunity to work with amazing international artists and to develop myself even further. What do they help you with? We talked back then that we wanted to do a collaboration together and I am super happy that it has now worked out with my new single ‘Spinnin’. I am doing very well. With an innate ability to combine 80s and 90s music with modern melodies and danceable beats, Berlin-based producer and DJ LOVRA is fast on her way to becoming one of the stand-out new names of 2021. You’re very clearly moving up the ranks of the music industry quickly – do you have a strong team around you? Also, I will be launching my own podcast very soon so there’s a lot going on! What does that allow you to do creatively? We had a great chat with her below:

Hi Laura! What makes it so special? It’s simple – create unique memories so they can forget about everyday life and just be happy. Your new single with Justin Jesso ‘Spinnin’ is amazing and so uplifting! You were picked by David Guetta to be a resident at his BIG events at Ushuaia – what was it like playing at such an iconic club? Was the energy still the same? The vibe with the people was unbelievably beautiful, I felt we we were all more connected than ever. I played my tracks that were released during the quarantine period for the first time. It was one of the best and most important moments in my life and I am infinitely grateful for it! There are some shows planned and we are also working on an American tour. What more can you ask for? We have always kept in contact since then. Also, touring is starting again and I’m lucky enough to have some gigs in the next few months, I’ll be playing some festivals and I’m really looking forward to that. How’s Berlin? It is simply indescribable but so exciting and always fascinating. Now signed exclusively to Sony Music – with the exception of ‘Lick It’, a recent Hexagon Records outing at the request of label boss Don Diablo – LOVRA’s distinctive sound has been winning her an army of fans since 2015. Can you remember what it felt like in that moment when you found out? I couldn’t put it into words how happy I felt. Ushuaia is like a huge festival. I have used the last year intensively and worked on many tracks, some of which will be released this year. Follow us on socials I played a show in front of David Guetta back then and we got talking after the show and got along really well. It was just incredible. I was speechless, at first I thought that it cannot be true, I even had to cry a little with joy. It has been a huge step in my career. I am supported in everything that I do, I take nothing for granted and I am grateful to have such a fantastic team around me every day. What tunes did you play out? Justin Jesso and I met in Ibiza at Ushuaia in 2018. It’s exactly this feeling and this great setting makes it so unique. I have the best team in the world without them I would never be where I am now. Berlin is slowly waking up again, its summer and the Covid regulations are getting better. You also toured around the world with David as his official opening act. Were there any that hold special meaning for you that you dropped especially because it was your first gig back? Have you got any more tour dates coming up that we should look out for? The most important thing for me is always to get the feedback of my ‘Lovrs‘ and unfortunately that has  not been possible during these times. It was just wonderful. Thank you for having me! What is next for LOVRA? I really felt how much power I gave to the crowd and how much I have missed it. You’re signed exclusively to Sony Music Germany – how important is it for you to be signed to such a big label? Follow me on my social media channels to get all the news. How are you today? How did that collaboration come about? You did your first festival set a couple of days ago – how was that experience? I’m very excited about everything that’s coming up, I’m looking forward to dancing with people again and making new memories. When you get on stage or in the DJ booth, what is the one thing that you want to leave the crowd with?