Melodic samples make way for brash synth sections; a luxuriously languid female vocal underpins a secondary topline that bristles with energy and pace. Already scoring praise from the likes of A-listers Don Diablo, Lost Frequencies, Zonderling, Anna Lunoe, Oliver Heldens and more, and with the US club circuit now underway, 2021 and beyond should prove crucial turning points in the producer’s career. Follow us on socials After a few months, I found myself looking for inspiration from the old UK Garage scene. H3nry Thr!ll continues to make waves on the US bass scene with ‘I Can Feel You’, his brand new collaboration with fellow US producer Kid Brian. 

‘I Can Feel You’ is a roiling single that sees taut, spasming basslines punch through into lush segues that ooze sensual heat. ‘I Can Feel You’ is a perfect example of two production styles working together in complete harmony to produce an out-and-out dancefloor destroyer that doesn’t hold back on the attitude. 

“Working on this track has been such a crazy process,” H3nry said, “from the unique production style and the weird little sound design tricks we used. It was almost immediately after I made the intro for ‘I Can Feel You’, and I know it was the one right away. This is the comeback of the ‘Club Thrill’ sound and it gives a new, refreshing feel to it as well.” 

“I remember H3nry and I were planning a collab for a while,” Kid Brian added, “but every idea we came up with didn’t feel right. I found a cool vocal on Splice and sent it to Henry, and from there it was just about combining our sounds and making something really unique.”  Now based in America’s bassline capital LA, Thr!ll will find himself immersed headfirst in a creative cauldron that should see his profile and work reach new heights.

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“I was finally able to have routine and work In the studio daily. A display of pure power and club-wrecking capabilities, this five-track EP is able to crack dance floors to the point where they look more like mosaic pieces than something sturdy you can spend entire club nights on. Will Sparks has never been one to hold back in the studio (or with his speaker-busting live sets for that matter) and his music is a testament to that perseverance and unbridled drive. It gave me a purpose and belief that my sound was continuing to evolve.”

Follow us on socials I’ve always valued authentic, hard-hitting and driving music that lifts you up and gives you a sense of euphoria, so I challenged myself to design sounds and come up with certain techniques that have never been done before. Exploring these sounds was such a release for me. After dropping various high-impact singles onto Armada Music, the Australian DJ and producer is pushing out with ‘Techno Viking’ to complete his hard-hitting five-track EP on the Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label: ‘Nothing More, Nothing Less’. It inspired me to think outside the box: to change my sound while sticking to my roots. Colleen D’Agostino), ‘Cumon’, ‘Pills’ (with Short Round) and latest addition ‘Techno Viking’, Will Sparks’ ‘Nothing More, Nothing Less’ EP hits like a fully loaded freight train at maximum velocity. Comprising nothing but scorching cuts in the form of ‘Not Awake’, ‘Close’ (feat. “This body of work started at the beginning of COVID”, Will Sparks says.



Each artist has brought his or her personal flavour to the project and I’m super excited to share this with you guys!” 

Simina Grigoriu – Techno Monkey Remixed Vol. Speaking about the project, Simina commented:

“I love that this project has come to fruition—it’s been a long time in the making. Out now, the campaign launches with the first star-studded EP, which comes complete with an eclectic trio of contributions from electronic music royalty, Paul Kalkbrenner, American techno maven Camea and Kuukou Records favourite, Hito. Last but by no means least, and making her eagerly-anticipated return to Kuukou Records, is Japanese icon and Model1 ambassador, Hito. My original Techno Monkey track was part of the first EP I released on Kuukou six years ago. Follow us on socials Introducing Techno Monkey Remixed Vol. 1…

Inaugurating the three-pronged package is the man himself, Paul Kalkbrenner. With an array of diverse releases clocked on the likes of Bpitch, M_nus, Plus 8, Get Physical, Clink Recordings and her very own Neverwhere over the course of her esteemed fifteen-year career, the über-talented artists finally makes her long-awaited debut on Kuukou, as she re-paints Grigoriu’s original with her own frenzied palate of dystopian, sci-fi electronica. I was a bit wary of releasing nine different remixes of my original but I was also excited to see what everyone would do with it. Almost exactly five years to the day since her critically acclaimed Techno Monkey EP first did its damage across international airwaves and packed, sweaty warehouses, Berlin-based artiste and Kuukou Records label boss Simina Grigoriu now breathes fresh life into one of the most iconic records in her expansive career discography, as she announces a Techno Monkey remix project of colossal proportions. Over the course of this year, Simina and the Kuukou Records team will be releasing a total of nine huge remixes of the 2016 original, brought to you by a carefully curated selection of the most exciting names in electronic names, new and old. Next up to the plate is US-born, Berlin-based techno sensation, Camea. 1 is out now via Kuukou Records. A true legend of electronic music and the mastermind behind timeless global chart-topping hits including Sky and Sand, No Goodbye and Parachute, the internationally lauded Berlin Calling icon commences proceedings in true Kalkbrenner style, as he takes us on a hypnotic seven-minute journey across an up-tempo landscape of driving rhythms, expertly layered textures, and ethereal undulating timbres. Still riding high off the back of her massive label debut in October 2020 with Kobe, the prolific producer and Watergate regular rounds off Volume 1 in immaculate style as she delivers a slick amalgamation of punchy percussion, growling bass and trippy samples for her playful Hito’s Monkey In The Jungle Remix.

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Hot on the heels of reworking Signum’s 1998 classic ‘What Ya Got 4 Me’, Joachim Pastor places his unique brand of melodious electronic in the limelight again. Designed to make listeners feel with every fiber of their being, his music is an expression of emotion with a danceable twist, endorsed by hundreds of thousands of fans on Spotify alone as well as those who witnessed his performances at the likes of Dour, Tomorrowland, Paleo, Olympia, Solidays, DGTL, Pleinvrees and more. Joachim Pastor: “I produced this track a long time ago for a special live with Cercle alongside friend and fellow artist NTO. Follow us on socials I really wanted to make something hypnotic with an almost mechanical melody, and ended up contrasting the repetitions with a big lead exploding mid-track.”

Inspired by the works of seminal artists such as Daft Punk, Sonata Arctica and Jean-Michel Jarre, Joachim Pastor’s melodious brand of electronica offers a sense of sophistication not easily found in today’s music world. Illustrating the beauty of contrast through a mash of delicate plucks and curled bass tones, ‘Kenger’ the perfect track to keep the momentum on an upward trajectory in the lead up to the highly anticipated release of the French studio magician first-ever album.


The Indiigo Child is back with “I’m Yours” ft. Luma !

We can totally see this track become this years summer hit. With over 25 million streams across all platforms and 40+ releases, her catalog and audience continue to expand. T

he Indiigo Child brings a refreshing style to dance music, with a range of electronic synth and hard-hitting beats, that manages to both engage & captivate. Luma provides some impactful lyrics, over The Indiigo Child’s melodies, that immediately invoke emotion.  

The Indiigo Child and Luma, team up, to create a lush and eccentric track, that is designed to have a deep connection with the listener. This is the type of track that you want to hear every day for the rest of the summer. Her voice has been heard on electronic tracks signed to over fifteen different labels including Seeking Blue, Monstercat, Ultra, Thrive, and Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records. The Indiigo Child is back after a little break and he starts off with a bang. Luma is no stranger to the scene. For ‘I’m Yours’ he teams up with fellow New Yorker Luma. ‘I’m Yours’ starts off with the enchanting voice of Luma the vocal guides you through the break and leads to a mellow drop. During these crazy times, many have experienced loss, and we wanted to create something that could inspire and heal. Follow us on socials
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