We had a chat with Grammy and ASCAP award-winning producer, songwriter, DJ and recording artist Damon Sharpe!

I come from an artist background, so it’s kind of like getting back on the bike. Then we ping-ponged back-and-forth and ended up turning it into a more universal concept for the actual song even though it is based on the concept of 15 minutes of fame. “I’ve always operated from not having a Plan B, and it serves me well. Sometimes it’s not about the most talented person; it’s about the last man standing. Loving it. Tell us about the moment Love Don’t Cost a Thing topped the charts – that had to be a life-changing moment. 

Believe it or not, that was one of my first placements as a songwriter, and I literally went from being on unemployment and broke to being an A-list songwriter almost overnight. I saw a speaker online the other day, and they said the worst bit of advice they got was “be realistic. I think we operate from a lot of fear and pride in our lives, but as soon as we let that go and stop worrying about what other people think, we can achieve anything! I threw it out in a writing session with my frequent collaborators Cimo Frankel & Rik Annema. What else do you have coming up in the next few months? It premieres on July 27th. Congrats on signing with Armada. If you could go back to the beginning and tell younger Damon one piece of advice, what would it be? You’ll have to watch the video to see how it all plays out! What does the future hold for Damon Sharpe? Grammy and ASCAP award-winning producer, songwriter, DJ and recording artist Damon Sharpe is best known for his creativity behind the scenes as a producer working alongside artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, and Alesso. We had the chance to talk with Damon, you can read the full interview bellow:

What was the inspiration behind the song 15 Minutes with Disco Fries? 

It all started with a title I had on my phone and a very loose concept. Armada has shown me so much love over the past few years as a producer and writer. For someone who has been behind the scenes making beats for so long, is transitioning back into a stage presence exciting, challenging? What made you choose them, and what do you guys have in the works? Follow us on socials That may not be the best choice for everyone, but I truly believe if you love what you do, are passionate, put in the work, and never give up, you will inevitably succeed. But what people may not know yet, is that Damon’s skills span further than just making hits for others, and in the upcoming year, the world will learn who Damon Sharpe really is, and finally see the limitless potential of his skill that has been in the making for years. I’ve been actively DJing for about a year and a half now. I just cowrote and coproduced the upcoming single “Safe With Me” for label mates Loud Luxury. We hear the video is hilarious – tell us what made you think of that concept? 

The title always made me think of the Andy Warhol quote, “In the future, everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes. As usual, immediately, Rik came up with an amazing chord progression, and Cimo threw out some killer melodies. In addition to Paint The Sky, I’ve got multiple collaborations in the works with CID, Vivid, Raven & Kreyn, Mahalo, and more! Will the sound be similar or different than 15 minutes, and how? We hear you are getting more into DJing. Definitely, what I just mentioned above which is to just go for it and not worry so much about what other people have to say. What can we expect from “Paint the Sky”? “So in the video, my fictitious label boss asks me to come up with a viral TikTok hit; I blow up overnight and get Insta-famous only to turn into the stereotypical narcissist and blow it all going into a crazy downward spiral. Overall it’s super exciting. So, needless to say, not only was it life-changing, but I am forever grateful. Maykel, Jurrien, and Jeroen are very involved in the artists they sign, and that’s extremely important in building my brand. Their belief in me gave me the confidence that they were the right home. Once Disco Fries jumped in and put their magic on it, we knew we had something special. Very euphoric and anthemic! Paint The Sky drops September 3rd and will definitely still tie into my current sound but has a little more festival feel to it. It features an amazing new vocalist Polina Grace who absolutely crushed the vocals. So look out for more releases, collaborations, productions for other artists, live shows, episodes of my podcast on Insomniac Radio “Damon Sharpe presents Brainjack Radio,” official merch, and who knows what else! I will also be the exclusive remixer on that one, so I’m super excited! I’m in a great place in my life right now and feel like the sky is the limit!

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Ultra Naté & Funk Cartel combine on anthemic ‘Supernatural’ !

A world-renowned singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, label owner and promoter, Ultra Naté has toured the world extensively, released numerous albums and several international hits, including the #1 ‘Free,’ ‘It’s Over Now,’ ‘Rejoicing,’ ‘If You Could Read My Mind,’ ‘Automatic,’ ‘New Kind Of Medicine,’ and ‘Found A Cure’. Recent Funk Cartel releases include their Jizz ‘Road Again’ Remix on elrow, ‘Don Vincenzo’, ‘Choppa’ and ‘Acid Nights’ on THUNDR, and ‘Hot Dials’ on Bla Bla Music. Fast rising house duo Funk Cartel team up with the legendary Ultra Naté on the feel-good anthem ‘Supernatural’, released on Skint Records on 16 July, which is guaranteed to brighten up even the darkest day. The perfect fusion of deep house, funk, soul and pop, ‘Supernatural’ has all the hallmarks of a classic. Funk Cartel’s seamless production emphasises Ultra Naté’s famously sultry vocal and songwriting, cleverly overlaying bluesy saxophone and dreamy flutes to produce a brilliantly uplifting slice of escapism. Ultra Naté said: “‘Supernatural’ is being released at a moment when the world needs this kind of energy and departure from the difficulty we’ve endured in isolation. For me, ‘Supernatural’ has a sing-a-longable quality that lifts the spirits and welcomes everyone back to the dance floor with open arms.”

Ultra Naté

Funk Cartel said: “The backing track to Supernatural played an influential role in the start of our career and to have the legend that is Ultra Naté grace it with her vocals only makes it more special to us as a record. Funk Cartel

The iconic Ultra Naté was ranked as one of Billboard’s “Greatest of All Time” dance artists. Follow us on socials Funk Cartel’s releases has been supported by Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Sam Divine, and Danny Howard amongst others. We hope the track spreads positivity to everyone that hears it bringing happiness as we start to come back together this year.” 

Funk Cartel consists of brothers Rory and Cameron, known for their rave ready releases and bringing life and soul to the underground sound. Funk Cartel recently graduated from Point Blank Music School, home of Point Blank Recordings.

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Tripp Daly Has Set The Summer Mood With Smooth House Genre-Bending ‘Distance’ EP !

The EP consists of two downtempo house tracks that bend the barriers between house sub-genres. South Florida resident artist Tripp Daly is set to release his house EP titled  ‘Distance’ on July 16th on Spanish imprint Sacudan Records. From casual listeners to the ravers seeking to take the vibe to another level, ‘Distance EP’ is a perfect addition to your summer playlist. The second track, ‘Do It’, has a continuously driving groove and bassline. Follow us on socials The title track ‘Distance’ has a chill vibe with a fat bassline and catchy vocal perfect for summer rest and relaxation, while also worthy for any dancefloor.

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The track is the second single from Famba’s forthcoming EP, Wishes Vol.2, to be released later this Fall. The song just happened; we didn’t even intend to write it. Famba also remembers how the song came about: “The night we wrote “Games We Play” was one of the most fun and most organic writing sessions I’ve ever had. Brando (Loud Luxury, Matoma, Don Diablo) and MKLA (KSHMR, Vintage Culture, Steve Aoki) deliver stunning vocal performances, while Famba’s production takes the song to stratospheric levels. Electronic DJ, producer, and artist FAMBA defines his signature dance sound with his latest musical collaboration, “Games We Play,” released today via Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. (licensed by Armada Music). “I’d never done a duet before, so I knew it had to be with someone with a voice like this angel. Brando has a sultry deep tone that I really believe has influenced a lot of great house music,” says MKLA about her first duet experience. As seductive as it is commanding, “Games We Play” is the love song with swagger that does double damage on the dance floor. Featuring Brando (the other half of the Diamond-certified hit track “Body” by Loud Luxury) and Toronto’s very own singer-songwriter, MKLA, “Games We Play” is now available for streaming on all digital platforms. Captivating vocals, lush melodies, and a billowing baseline characterize this release from three of Dance music’s blazing newcomers. I think it will really resonate with our fans as well.”

Follow us on socials It’s also everything I’ve been building towards; my sound is finally starting to become more defined.”

When he later approached Brando with the unfinished recording, the California-based singer-songwriter fell in love with it immediately, saying: “The minute I cut the vocals I knew it was going to be a great collab. It was just friends having a good time and partying all night.



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Christening the release with the evocative title track Hollow, Juan and Pablo make their intentions known from the off, as they take the listener on an emotive and harmonic smoke-screened journey, accented by warped synthesisers, haunting vocals and a playful mixture of subdued four-four beats and elastic rhythmic triplets. Always expanding its limits to subvert the expectations of the listeners, this spellbinding live show was in fact the first presentation of the Hollows EP project and marked the premiere of the four songs released on July 16. Check out the full live performance here. The flip sees the introduction of two of the most exciting producers on the underground house circuit, as Nandu and Santiago Garcia each step up to deliver their own unique interpretations of the formidable title track. Forma – for another mesmerising label debut. Toying with aural imperfections and melodic disarray throughout, Forma’s work honours emotional ambiguity and harmonic dissonance, cultivating a sound that can be equally euphoric as it can be melancholic. Nandu

This seminal EP release follows Forma’s remarkable recent live performance for venerated Montreal-based digital festival MUTEK. Forma – Hollow EP (including remixes from Santiago Garcia and Nandu) is out now via MEIOSIS. Following a wealth of critically lauded releases on the likes of Innervisions, TAU and Exit Strategy over the past few years, the classically-trained producer digs deep to deliver the artier, more introspective of the two remixes, before handing the reigns to iconic Danish stalwart, Nandu, who closes out the remarkable package with a deep, melodic dancefloor groove, primed for the early hours. Follow us on socials Forma

Within this ambiguity, Forma find a place to liberate themselves from instrumental boundaries, creating landscapes that value coincidence, intriguing sound choices and a degree of sonic unpredictability. Following an enchanting inaugural offering from German electronica outfit Ameli Paul back in April, burgeoning Berlin-based imprint MEIOSIS now returns for its eagerly anticipated sophomore outing, welcoming Juan Hansen and Pablo Bursztyn – a.k.a. First up to the plate is Argentinian-born, Valencia-based Garcia. Combining disputatious organ chords with avant-garde vocoders and arpeggiated instrumentation, Juan’s electronic sound experience merges with the experimental spirit of Pablo’s musical quest to create an eclectic journey that exhausts one mood at a time. The second original, Everytime, portrays an unusual kind of music that will, in its abstract layers and polyphonic structures, balance both the familiar and the surreal. A stunningly crafted four-part package, replete with hypnotic modular soundscapes, ethereal toplines and succulent analogue experimentation, Hollow EP is the first extended body of work to be released from the Buenos Aires-based duo, and comes complete with a brace of eclectic remixes from esteemed house producers Nandu and Santiago Garcia.


Darth Athena just released “Alien Scanner” album and we just love it !

Darth Athena is a stage name by an electronic music producer who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His newest album “Alien Scanner” showcase his talent and production skills, bringing you 14 unique and very good produced tunes! The mid-section completely cuts out with waves of synths flowing in and out of the music and adding yet another element of drama. My favorite tune from this album is “Night Rider”, a sublime blend between techno and uplifting electronic music, with a very original vibe and atmosphere. Darth grew up listening to electronic dance music, movie soundtracks, fantasy soundtracks, darkwave, rave, rock, jazz, rap and R&B music since childhood. Overall, this is quite a unique tune that I strongly suggest you give at least one play below:

Follow us on socials After 1 minute, the full beat is brought in with the power of making you lose yourself within the music. The structure of the track makes “Night Rider” flow quite nicely from start till the end, giving the listener the chance to dance, when the smooth groove perfectly combined with the raw bass line are kicking in, but also to take a dreamy break, being surrounded by superb arpeggios and layered pads. ‘Night Rider”’ is everything you could want from a techno tune and is capable of transporting you to the middle of the dancefloor at a techno rave.

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Merplexit just dropped a massive electro house banger !

His newest release comes in the shape of a massive electro house banger caller “Bring The Fire” and from the first play, the electro-house influenced track is indicative of its name; delivering gritty basslines, heavy percussion and sawtooth synths underlying distorted vocal riffs, the track’s energetic sound is made to ignite dance floors. Press that play button and just embrace the energy and the main stage vibes! Follow us on socials Starting in 2009 at the age of 16, the German-born DJ and producer Merplexit recognized his love for electronic music early in life. Great bursts of energy on the drop part, fat layered synth melodies on the break , perfect executed buildups. Since then he has played regularly around his hometown Speyer and his place of residence – Karlsruhe, Germany. What started with small DJ gigs and performances later led to music production, large parties and club gigs. The song that you are about to listen, it’s quite addictive so i strongly suggest you to get your festival mood on with it (we don’t have outdoor festivals anyways, right?).
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