Florian Picasso & GRX have joined forces again to bring ‘Far Away’!

The fresh, uplifting track marks the first output from Martin Garrix’s GRX alias since the release of ‘Restart Your Heart’ last year, which also featured Picasso. The story-based music video of ‘Far Away’, directed and written by Loïc Schütz, cinematically portrays Picasso wandering through the desert without any sign of life, far away from his world. The end of the video sees Picasso getting thrown into a new universe, which undoubtedly won’t be the end of this storyline. 

Florian Picasso: “Héritage EP pays tribute to the legacy of my late grand great father Pablo Picasso by an exciting piece of music and images”. One thing is for sure: we will be hearing and seeing a lot more from Florian Picasso the coming months as the full story will slowly start to unfold. ‘Far Away’ marks the beginning of a new story for Picasso who announced the coming of his brand new Héritage EP this week. The release date of the full project is still a secret at this point, but the spectacular trailer video and first music video give a hint of what’s to come. Follow us on socials Florian Picasso & GRX have joined forces again, and today they bring ‘Far Away’ into the world.

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Matisse & Sadko reveal their dreaming-progressive house gem ‘Relight My Love’!

We hope you all enjoy this song!”


Mougleta: “‘Relight My Love’ is a song about being in love but not feeling in love. Mougleta’s streak of carefully produced gems have racked up well over 50 million streams and more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. There is no doubt that the future looks bright for the brothers…

Matisse & Sadko

Having collaborated with the likes of Martin Garrix, Tiësto and Steve Angello, the Russian sibling duo have garnered instant support and recognition with every record, massively shaping the genre of dance music and creating various anthems that left a huge impact on music lovers worldwide. Matisse & Sadko: “’Relight My Love’ turned out to be very kind and light. For ‘Relight My Love’, Matisse & Sadko joined forces with Mougleta, a Canadian singer/songwriter renowned for uniquely fusing pop music with traditional Oriental sounds and other musical influences from around the globe. Yet another euphoric and uplifting masterpiece, the Russian brothers will keep you on the edge of your seat with their latest offering – a dreaming-progressive house gem with blissful vocals and a delirious drop which fully embodies the duo’s signature style of emotive yet ecstatic and hard-hitting progressive house music. Progressive house royalty Matisse & Sadko are revealing their new anthem ‘Relight My Love’ through Tomorrowland Music today! It contains both lightness and joy, as well as the hope that tomorrow will definitely be better than today. It’s when you know that you love this person, but have lost sight of what made you fall in love in the first place and are desperately looking to find that spark once more!”

Follow us on socials Many thanks to Mougleta for her magnificent vocals and beautiful lyrics.

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Meduza & Hozier team up for ‘Tell It To My Heart’!

The Grammy-award nominated Italian trio Meduza have been igniting up the world of electronic dance music ever since their single ‘Piece of Your Heart’ skyrocketed them to the global stage just over two years ago, which went on to top the charts in multiple countries. Now the trio are teaming up with the extremely talented Irish singer-songwriter Hozier for the brand new single ‘Tell It To My Heart’. The song is completely different from usual Hozier music, who has been taken out of his comfort zone, he explains this more when he states:

“Towards the end of a long period of weighing up what we’ve missed about night life and its spaces, and with it the communal buzz of dance floors and live electronic music, Meduza reached out to me with a song and it felt like the right time to lend my voice to a project outside my comfort zone“

Check out the track bellow and let us know what you think! Follow us on socials

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Laidback Luke teamed up with Lost Boy and Dubdogz for “Home Alone”!

Follow us on socials DJ/Producer Laidback Luke is an absolute legend in the house music world. With this epic collaboration ‘Home Alone’ is set for success! UK’s talent Lost Boy known for his single ‘Head Under Water’ and Brazilian duo Dubdogz are a staple name in electronic music. Laidback Luke teamed up with Lost Boy and Brazilian duo Dubdogz to create an infectious new house track, ‘Home Alone’. His track ‘Show Me Love’ and his remix of Avicii’s ‘SOS’ reached millions of listeners.

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When I picture this song, I envision a high of a night and two people wanting each other fully in that moment. And I think that’s what makes this song so unique and catchy. Everything started with me listening to the demo for the first time and I couldn’t even recognize Griff’s voice even though we did so many tracks together in the past. ‘Those Eyes’ was so much fun to produce”, ARTY says. But it’s not just a fun track to listen to; there is deeper meaning to it if you listen to the lyrics very closely. The blend of acoustic instruments and heavily processed vocals creates this strange, almost alienated vibe that immediately catches your ear because of its nature. All in all, I’m very excited about this record to finally come out and I hope people will enjoy it the same way as I do!”


“This song is actually special to me because of its story”, Griff Clawson adds. Heartfelt, catchy and at times uplifting, ‘Those Eyes’ is ARTY and Griff Clawson’s third-ever collaboration after ‘You’re Not Alone’ and ARTY’s remix of ‘Chasing Highs’. ‘Those Eyes’ is also a reminder to myself how encapsulating and telling a look from somebody you know can be: no words needed.”

Follow us on socials A meaningful look from a person you’re close to says more than a thousand words, and that premise is at the center of ARTY’s brand-new single on Armada Music. To me, this song is about taking risks with somebody whether that means growing together or growing apart. Between the crisp guitar licks and soothing vocals, the song blends classical instrumentation with dance elements to evoke a playful atmosphere that will hold its own in every musical environment. “I started this song with the melancholy feeling I got after reminiscing about a past relationship. Made in tandem with frequent collaborator Griff Clawson, ‘Those Eyes’ ticks all the boxes of a crossover dance anthem and might just be ARTY’s most out-of-the-box record yet. “The entire time I spent working on it was nothing but natural fun and pure joy.