Mike Williams is taking a break from music!

By EDM Nations – November 7, 2021 104 0

The pressure was taking the lead and my emotions were flat. Love, Mike “

See also  ALAMO & Jack Mazzoni teamed up to deliver you an addictive vocal slap house release called ‘In Your Eyes’!We will miss you Mike and we can’t wait to get back recharged and with full energy! Because only then I’ll be performing at my absolute best, in the studio and also on stage. ‘The Beat’ (20 mln) and ‘Wait Another Day’ with Mesto (12mln) followed and turned into huge hits as well. Piece by piece Mike was conquering the world with his incredible melodies, club bangers and catchy radio hits. But in the last period of my career I noticed that all these things didn’t make me as happy as they should. While writing this bio, it has 122mln streams onSpotify. In a recent post on his socials, Mike Williams announced his fans that he will take a break from music for a while. Because of that recognizable style and sound he creates, he got to play at the most famous festivals like ULTRA, Tomorrowland, Parookaville, World Club Dome and Mysteryland. Mike released club banger ‘Lullaby’ with R3hab (100mln streams) not long after his first success. Also we managed to build this amazing team around me, with amazingly talented people joining me in this crazy ride. It was a dream coming true when my music became popular and when people were singing my songs along during shows, it gave me goosebumps every time! Mike Williams doesn’t need any introduction from our side, since we bet all of you know what he did for the music industry the last years. I need some time without feeling pressure, from myself or from outside. Thank you so much for still being on this very special journey with me. For every new song that Mikes begins, the piano is the solid start and base. You can read his full statement bellow:

” Dear all, I started this journey as a hobby, with love for music production and playing shows. I was excited for new releases, confirming new shows, traveling the world, meeting people and seeing fans, friends and family in the music industry. That’s why I’m deciding to take a break. Follow us on socials His breakthrough came in 2017 as his hit ‘Feel Good’, a collab with non-other than Felix Jaehn, went sky high on radio, in playlists and streams. I wanna get that exciting feeling back, that spark, that energy and motivation. This means my schedule got cleared for a while, starting today, but I’ll be back before you know!