Blasterjaxx invites you back to their magical realm !Welcome to ‘Mystica Chapter II’!

Escape into the world of Mystica with this brilliantly crafted EP, out via Maxximize Records on December 3rd. With the first 4 singles released in previous weeks, the story is complete with fifth the unveiling of ‘Rabbit Hole’, a gargantuan collab with Raven & Kreyn. From highly praised festival anthems to their acclaimed 2019 debut album ‘Perspective’, every release continues to feel bold, new, and exciting.Same goes for their Welcome To Mystica EP, earlier this year. The crowd stomper features the duo’s trademark big room hooks which are further enhanced by rousing vocals and catchy, triplet styled beats. Kicking off with the overwhelming big room anthem ‘God Mode’ in early November, the story continued with the pounding ‘Frozen Fire’, the tension building ‘The Crown’, featuring the beautiful vocals of Melissa Bonny, and the magical vocal big room gem ‘Braveheart’. One of dance music’s most persistently forward thinking acts, Blasterjaxx is known for producing big energy tracks with epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals. Blasterjaxx

Now, Mystica Chapter II reaches its climax, as Blasterjaxx teams up with French duo Raven & Kreyn for the final chord, ‘Rabbit Hole’. In recent years, the duo has built a sonic world of their own, blending genres like big room, vocal house and progressive. Follow us on socials The result is a transporting mix between contemporary rave, oldschool big room, and vocal house, making this a sublime addition to the Mystica repertoire.If Mystica Chapter II proves anything, it’s the unstoppable energy and inspiration coming from the Blasterjaxx duo. Enjoy this mesmerizing trip, out now on Blasterjaxx very own label, Maxximize Records. It’s a piece of big room and imaginative beauty, featuring five new tracks from the superstars group. They’ve let music and imagination become one in their unique universe, underscored by a series of energetic and emotionally driven tracks. Time to return to Blasterjaxx’ very own magical world, as the internationally renowned DJ/producer duo officially releases Mystica Chapter II. A collection of five commanding tunes, this EP took its listeners into a magical fairytale, with exotic melodies and enchanting soundscapes, tempting you to escape reality even if for a brief moment.The story now continues with Mystica Chapter II.Dive into a realm of fantasy, mesmerizing melodies, illusions and magical creatures, spread again over five inspiring tracks.For the last five weeks, the gates to this magical world already opened bit by bit, with a new single unveiled.

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David Guetta, MORTEN, Roland Clark explore the depths of Future Rave with new single ‘Alive Again’ !

Follow us on socials November saw Jack Back continue his ongoing evolution into the underground, teaming up with Fancy Inc and Roland Clark for ‘Alive Again’, a blazing tech house beat that was expertly garnished with fiery vocals and classic and a rafter-shaking house hook. Reworking the recent Jack Back club gem ‘Alive’ with their by now illustrious future rave style, this tune pushes the new age genre to its nexus, building on the already beloved neon-rave sound with a pumped up bass and suspenseful cinematic flare. It’s high voltage festival vibes coming your way, set for release on Tiësto’s very own Musical Freedom. Jack Back has enabled superstar David Guetta to revert to his roots in progressive house, taking his music deeper with a series of techno and tech house driven club tracks. Following up on their 2021 smash ‘Impossible’, superstar DJ/producer David Guetta and Danish phenomenon  MORTEN are back with an impressive new trip into future rave heaven. “As the sound develops, so does the universe and the culture that go along with it. If anything, David Guetta, MORTEN and Roland Clark’s ‘Alive Again’ makes it clear that future rave is here to stay. Always looking to build on his success, David Guetta now brings in his trusted studio partner, MORTEN, to revamp the record into a fully-fledged festival weapon, further shaping their signature future rave sound along the way. ‘Alive Again’ is a product of that, it shows that we will keep pushing the boundaries and explore all the opportunities electronic music has to offer.” – MORTEN‘Alive Again’ serves as a proper followup to 2021’s year-defining single ‘Impossible’, delivering all the elements of a monumental hit—dark, pulsating bass chords, powerful vocals, impeccable yet forward thinking production, and an element of uncertainty that will keep any crowd on its toes.It’s a wonderful example of how the Jack Back persona further inspires David Guetta to  explore the depths of his mainstage sound. Building on contemporary big room, while adding oldschool rave chords and blazing vocals, the duo has ushered in a new era of electronic dance music vivid, hot and overwhelming in every sense. “When we started ‘Future Rave’ we knew it would be an ever-evolving sound, that’s why we created it in the first place,” MORTEN says. David Guetta & Morten

From their 2019 hit ‘Make It To Heaven’ to 2020’s claim to fame ‘Dreams’ to this year’s rave anthem ‘Impossible’, David Guetta and MORTEN have created one of the modern era’s defining rave sounds.

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Miami-based Beatsmith Ed Raissi just released “Thinking About You”!

His latest release, ‘Thinking About You’, is a vocal-led house track, with an infectious use of punchy drums, intricate synth work, and warm basses that have seen it accumulate over 10,000 streams in just one week.‘Thinking About You’ premiered on October 21st, 2021, and was released via Ed Raissi’s own imprint, Eminent Sessions Records. Carried by enchanting vocals that fits perfectly around Ed’s superb synth-heavy production, ‘Thinking About You’ is a track truly made for the club. Miami-based Beatsmith Ed Raissi’s enchanting electronic productions have caught the eye of many since his debut release earlier in 2021. He credits the track to his business partner and label co-founder Bruno Gondel. Follow us on socials I decided to do it.” – Ed Raissi. Ed Raissi

“This track means a lot to me. I’ve been playing the melody on my piano for a couple of weeks before I finally decided to produce it, everyone that would hear me play it on the piano would insist that I should produce it into a fully finished record.

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Ameli Paul Release Mycelia EP on Drosssel including Remixes from Curses and Brigade!

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What is real anyway? Follow us on socials Have a taste, don’t be shy. Vinyl will follow in January. Known across the industry for his inimitable blend of Post-Punk and New Wave – punctuated with flashes of 80’s EBM and New Beat – the New York-born, Berlin-based talent delivers his dark-oriented soundscape across two raw, unbridled remixes of Dry Cough – one for the digital release and the other an exclusive ‘Dysto Beat Mix’ for the vinyl release. Ameli & Paul

Inaugurating the EP with the mind-bending opener, Voce, Ameli and Paul come together for one of their most absorbing sonic offerings to date, delivering a captivating amalgam of warped, atonal synthesizers, despondent vocal samples and chugging, syncopated bass guitar riffs. Setting a tone for the remainder of the package with organic beats and complex analog effects, the arresting starter is further complemented by a macabre, somewhat sinister music video, created by Stuttgart-based director and filmmaker Harry Delgas. Last but by no means least, capping off their most extensive body of work to date, Ameli Paul hand the reigns to close friends and compatriots, Brigade, for a funked-up, four-to-the-floor finale. Following the critically acclaimed release of their stunning three-part Beyond Reason EP on MEIOSIS back in February, the Berlin-based electronica duo now looks to end 2021 in emphatic fashion, pulling out all the stops with their remarkable new Mycelia EP. Under the veil of darkness words are not important anymore, our feelings will lead the way through doors of deception into a world that’s strangely parallel to the one we accepted as the real one for so long. The Berlin based duo has already made quite the name for themselves with their enchanting live performances and releases. Also based in Berlin, where they developed their unique brand of idiosyncratic electronica, they step up to the plate as only they know how, combining keytars, drum machines and slick riffs to close out the EP in style. But that’s not all. Well. Mycelia are interwoven with forest floors and provide a most subtle form of communication. First up on remix duties, adding his unique double-sided twist to the record, is none other than Italo-American artist Curses. When Ameli and Paul’s paths crossed in 2016, they immediately felt the urge to fuse their approaches of making music – the succinct and intricate productions of Paul, with Ameli’s sentimental voice and inherent songlike musicality. Constantly honing and evolving their live performance and studio output ever since, the duo now stands for a stirring electronic sound that ranges from abstract cinematic excursions all the way through to more pop-leaning song structures. Ebbing and flowing with deliberate juxtaposed intention, the package is then brought into another abstract, almost soporific state with Pilze, before Ameli Paul conclude their creative contribution with the spell-binding, ethereal ending, That’s The Problem. “Unbeknown to human eyes, it slowly spreads and spans across the soil. Featuring a satanic set of cameos from Ameli and Paul, inspired cinematography from Dan Trautwein and mind-altering art direction from set designer Angelina Häuser, you can check out the trippy four-minute audio-visual representation in its entirety here. Honestly we don’t know any more than you. Just like the universe, their catalogue and ours alike (and maybe soon even your vinyl collection) expands with Mycelia.”  – Drosssel

Ameli Paul – Mycelia EP (including remixes from Curses and Brigade) is out now via Drosssel. Released via Drosssel, the seven-track opus features four brand new original productions from the in-form duo, together with a dark, trippy music video and a selection of remixes from two Berlin-based outfits – Curses and Brigade. Entering an altogether different dimension with the second original, Dry Cough, Ameli Paul’s sophomore offering on the package pulsates with a more affirmative midnight disco energy, as throbbing basslines, stripped-back percussion and retro synth-lines come together in perfect accord, to bring the listener into a more lucid realm of consciousness. But what’s definitely real is the feels we get from this beautiful collage of sounds, carefully crafted to perfection by Ameli Paul. Well guarded from sunlight it grows inside until it comes to fruition in its whole glory.


Alex Parker & Alexandra Stan team up on infectious new single ‘Home Alone’ (Macaulay Culkin)!

Alexandra made her musical debut via MediaPro Music, when she released ‘Lollipop / Param Pam Pam’ – followed by ‘Mr. Alexandra Stan & ‘Fix Your Heart’ ft. Follow us on socials Subsequently, in 2020 Alex co-founded Creator Records and notched up further success with songs he produced for Olivia Addams & Holy Molly – including ‘Dumb’ and ‘Menage A Trois’ – which would go onto become European hits. Commenting on the release, Alex Parker said: – “I want ‘Home Alone’ to send good vibes to whoever listens to it & as much as the OG movie did over the years – really feels like the planet needs some happiness delivering music!”

No stranger to the industry, Alex is renowned for his sound design, music production & audio mastering – having also written & produced songs for many of Romanian’s top artists, such as Antonia, Delia & Morandi. Other releases include ‘Satisfied’ ft. Olivia Addams. In 2018, Alex Parker then released ‘Secrets’ (together with Erik Frank) – which has gone onto become one of his most successful independent releases (14M streams), along with ‘Not A Goodbye’ ft. First gaining international notoriety in 2016 with his debut single, ‘Tropical Sun’, this was followed by his 2017 releases ‘Synchronize’ ft. Saxobeat’, ‘Lemonade’ & ‘Get Back’ (ASAP). Perfectly positioned for the upcoming holiday season, Alex wrote the song at a writing camp together with Marius Moga (Morandi) – this was also where he first met Alexandra Stan. Bastien & a collaboration with Bodybangerz on ‘Bum Bum’ & as a producer, he’s secured two consecutive #1s in Poland – for Olivia Addams singles ‘Are We There’ & ‘Stranger’. Alexandra continues to conquer her audience through creativity and authenticity & also has a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers. Stay tuned, as ‘Home Alone’ (Macaulay Culkin) lights up the festive airwaves. Misha Miller.

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Arriving with much anticipation on December 3, LUCID THEORY is the debut album from fast-rising Namibian electronic music producer, DJ and creative GINA JEANZ, which comes on the back of her releasing three EPs in the last two years that have garnered rave reviews and critical acclaim from the likes of BBC 1Xtra, Glamour, Red Bull Music, Soulection, Resident Advisor, GQ South Africa and Afropunk. Whether it’s future bass or deep house, progressive R&B or alternative soul, UK garage or funky house, the wide-ranging sonic soundscapes on Lucid Theory not only take listeners on an immersive musical journey, but they also showcase the immense talent and creative prowess of Gina Jeanz, who produced and composed all the songs on the album. It’s really the kind of space where I can just be my true authentic self without thinking about it. Born and raised in Namibia, and now based in South Africa, Gina Jeanz has established that she is more than capable of rising to the occasion. Follow us on socials However, this has been threatened by my inner saboteur, fuelled by the many ideas people had for my career, and it was discouraging that this led me to question who I wanted to be in music. Lucid Theory sees Gina Jeanz delivering an electronic music masterclass for listeners to get lost in, with a stellar supporting cast of African vocalists such as Sio, MOONGA K., Brad Knight, Jordan Baker and AliThatDude. Being able to produce my own music during this period of uncertainty brought me so much healing. Counting the likes of Wonderland, Notion, GQ, Glamour, BBC 1Xtra and Soulection as fans, Gina Jeanz is not only flying the flag for electronic music in Africa, but she is also one of the few women producers across the African music scene – the fact of which drives her passion to uplift and empower more women in the industry. I felt that I wasn’t paying attention to the signs, but with everything that happened, there was a lesson and each lesson forced me to understand my purpose clearly. Thematically, the album sees Gina and her co-stars channeling and unpacking their emotions through these songs, from the anxiety she experienced before creating the album on ‘Overstimulated’, ‘Sun Spot’, which speaks to tumultuousness in relationships, and getting lost in the moment with ‘After Hours’, to feelings of unrequited love on ‘All Of Me’, being willing to commit to love on ‘Can’t Pretend’, and the album’s final track ‘100ml’, which was inspired by Gina being able to get through her days without anxiety attacks and finding joy in creating again. She collaborated with Red Bull on their ‘Made In 72 Hours’ project last summer, before ending 2020 with two EPs of her own, ‘Rhythm Chronicles’ and ‘Motion’. In that time, the producer, DJ and composer produced and recorded her debut album Lucid Theory, which arrives on December 3. Revered for her skills on the decks as well as her production and music-making dexterities, Gina has also captivated audiences the world over with her DJ sets, from Afropunk Festival to Boiler Room to Red Bull Music Festival, just to mention a few. This is my story, this is my healing, this is my theory”. I had been fighting my own battles, particularly after the passing of my mother in 2017, and I was severely anxious and could barely create music without running into creative blocks and worse, doubting my ability to bring my ideas to life. For the first time in a long time, with this album, I knew if I truly wanted to enjoy making music again, I had to freely and fearlessly just do it. While she and the rest of the world retreated into lockdown during the pandemic, Gina also took that time to apply herself more creatively as well. Speaking about the inspiration behind her Lucid Theory album, Gina says, “There were series of events that led me to create this album and set the foundation for the entire project. Her new album is backed by lead singles ‘Sun Spot’, ‘We Move’ and ‘Dopamine’, which have garnered support from Wonderland, Notion, Earmilk and Rolling Stone India, among others.



 This is an important moment for me as well, as I am also celebrating 30+ years in dance music. – an album meant to help listeners dance their way through these unprecedented times.” 

‘Red Hot Mode’ streams on Pandora’s Club Culture channel. Red Hot is also proud to have Ultra Naté spearhead our content partnership with SiriusXM and Pandora. The series, which celebrates Red Hot’s 30 years’ of global charity work, will see a host of stars handpick tracks that carry key meaning for them. So strap in and buckle up! “   Red Hot’s Media Partnership Director Kate Sweltz exclaims, “Pandora is over the moon to stream Red Hot’s first Artist takeover! There are quite a few unexpected goodies in there as well! Ultra reveals, “Partnering with Red Hot to continue the work in the fight against HIV/AIDS has been tremendous all these years. For this first installation of ‘Red Hot Mode’, Ultra digs into a rich vault of music, choosing songs from her own discography, as well as favorites by other artists that have remained constant companions throughout her life’s journey.  Visit Ultra Naté LIVE on Club Culture

Follow us on socials The catalog of music released by the organization is second to none and has set dance floors on fire for the last three decades. Now having the opportunity to host and curate music I love, for “Club Culture” on Pandora is such a huge sweetener on top! The playlist grooves from start to finish.“  She adds,“This is the perfect party ‘mode’ off the back of a pandemic. It follows on from the 2021 double LP release of ‘Red Hot + Free’ which featured selects from Billy Porter, Sam Sparro, SOFI TUKKER & Amadou & Mariam, Louis The Child and Foster The People, Allie X, Tituss Burgess and Amanda Lepore alongside a sensational re-record and re-working of Ultra Naté’s peerless classic ‘Free (Live Your Life)’ by Felix Da Housecat & Chris Trucher. Ultra’s stories about Red Hot & the LGBTQ community, dance club culture history, and her own artist journey are excellent! Heralded AIDS and humanitarian charity organization Red Hot has chosen legendary singer / songwriter / DJ / producer Ultra Naté as inaugural curator of their new Pandora—hosted playlist series ‘Red Hot Mode’, LIVE now across the goliath streaming network. She is right at home here and as a featured artist on Red Hot & Free! Gifting listeners the backstory behind just a few of them across the hour-long episode, this is a rare and unique opportunity for music fans to hear the iconic performer speak personally about the music that matters to her. Ultra Naté’s famed “Free” is having a resurgence as an anthem for a new start. I can’t wait for people to share this journey through music with me.
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In addition to the festival experience itself, ULTRA Europe offers revelers a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. On Monday, July 11, fans will enjoy Brač Regatta on the Island of Brač, in one of the most beautiful open clubs in the Mediterranean, Club 585. Finally, the Destination ULTRA Closing Party will touch down on the Island of Vis on Wednesday, July 13 in the intimate and exclusive atmosphere of the 200-year-old Fort George Fortress. 

Limited number of TIER 1 tickets are on sale now, and pricing for general admission will start at €139 with the option of a payment plan. ULTRA Passport holders can purchase the Passport Pack and secure 6 tickets for the price of 5. ULTRA Europe is also offering the ultimate 7 day Destination ULTRA ticket for €339, which will grant access to all events during the Destination ULTRA week – including an exclusive opportunity for the first 250 purchasers to attend the ULTRA Europe Sunset Family Dinner on Island of Vis before the Closing Party starts.  Be sure to get your tickets today and be a part of the world’s premier destination music festival – ULTRA Europe. 

Destination ULTRA 2022 Schedule:

July 7th – Destination ULTRA Opening Party, Split

July 8-10th – ULTRA Europe at Park Mladeži Stadium, Split

July 11th – Brač Regatta at 585 Club, Bol, Brač

July 12th – ULTRA Beach at Carpe Diem Beach Club, Pakleni Islands, Hvar

July 12th – RESISTANCE Hvar at Carpe Diem Beach Club, Pakleni Islands, Hvar

July 13th – Destination ULTRA Closing Party at Fort George, Vis

Ticket pricing:

TIER 1 GA 3-Day Tickets – 139 €

TIER 1 VIP 3-Day Tickets – 369 €

TIER 1 Destination Tickets – 339 €

PASSPORT PACK – receive 6 tickets for the price of 5

PAYMENT PLAN for GA 3-Day Ticket and VIP 3-Day Tickets 

A full breakdown of locations, parties and tickets for each event can be found here:

More information about ULTRA Europe can be found on the official website page, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. In its new location of the world-famous Carpe Diem Beach Club, attendees will soak in a true Mediterranean experience. Follow us on socials The Destination ULTRA seven-day experience officially begins on Thursday, July 7 with the Destination ULTRA Opening Party, which will be followed by the three-day ULTRA Europe festival at Park Mladeži in Split. Then on Tuesday, July 12, the Destination ULTRA experience continues on the sunny Croatian Island of Hvar for both ULTRA Beach andRESISTANCE Hvar. ULTRA Europe has a world-renowned reputation for dazzling attendees with star-studded lineups, unparalleled production, spectacular special effects and 360° fireworks. Visitors can spend the week exploring the historical old town of Split and Diocletian’s Palace, swimming in the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea, hopping around hundreds of yachts, and basking on dozens of beaches and breathtaking surrounding islands. 

With more than nine million tourists visiting Croatia in 2021, the country has been named the most successful and safest European travel destination in 2021. The festival will adhere to the highest international safety standards, and will be organized in accordance with all health measures in effect, and in coordination with local authorities. ULTRA Europe, the world’s premier destination music festival, is excited to announce its return to Split, Croatia from July 8 – 10, 2022 after a two-year break. The eighth edition of the festival will be organized at Park Mladeži in Split, and a limited number of TIER 1 tickets will go on sale today.


Stereoclip reflects on ten years as a producer with third artist album: “Echoes”!

This album is inspired by ten years of failures and successes. And in this case, ten examples of excellent music too. But with a decade of ups, down and musical reverie also comes reflection and inner conversation, of deconstructing past events and accepting the blur and general chaos between the past and the present. Looking within has ever been vital to becoming a better version of one’s self, and that’s exactly where his third album comes in. Stereoclip

More so than merely sending out sounds in hopes of call and response, the concept of ‘Echoes’ is about soaking up the feedback to use as new input for the ever-evolving cycle. It’s full of nostalgia, hope and honesty.”

Follow us on socials And it is within that cycle where personal growth can be found. “With this album, I wanted to push myself beyond my own limits and wanted my music to be a better version of itself. With singles such as ‘Moonlight Drive’, ‘Sunset Drive’ and ‘Inner City Angels’ taking a leading role, the ten-track album mirrors the drive to look beyond the limits, all the while demonstrating the impeccable inter-song synergy the world has come to expect from every Stereoclip product. Colored by nostalgia, hope and honesty, ‘Echoes’ reflects on ten years of frustration and joy, headaches and abandonment, accomplishments and determination, love and hate, and travels and encounters. “It’s been ten years since the Stereoclip project started, and I felt it was time to reflect on some of the choices I made, both good and wrong”, Stereoclip says. Ten years have passed since Belgium’s Maxime Merkpoel launched his Stereoclip project and started turning heads within the dance music space.
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Marvin Larrys teamed up with Hope for a sublime brand new release “Gravity”!

With its unbridled energy and dancefloor-friendly beat, “Gravity” will have you reminiscing about stomping and dancing at the festival stage surrounded by palm trees and ocean breeze. Follow us on socials “Gravity”” is difficult to classify into one of dance music’s many subgenres, but that’s the beauty of it – it carries elements of progressive and electronic, from earlier in the decade while remaining fresh and relevant to today’s listeners. Check it out bellow and don’t forget to save it to your personal playlist! We can’t wait to see this one tear up clubs and festivals! Marvin Larrys is back with a fresh and exciting new release called “Gravity”, this time having the vocals of Hope telling us a beautiful lyrical story, completed by a progressive house hybrid, with lots of chill out and pure electronic elements, perfectly blended.
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