Aaron Trooper – Lick Your Face lyrics

Before i kiss you
I wanna tell you
Something that i can’t hide
Keeping this is not good for me

A lot of sweat and smoke
Is everything that i really want
I don’t like the word forever

I don’t know how, but i’m feeling high
Cause in your eyes
My reflection looks so right

I’m laughing baby
Cause right now i’ll be speaking my mind
But bae, this is kind of serious

Yeah tonight
I wanna lick your face

You are like stars in a sky
Full of fluorescent lights
I don’t mind sharing a cigarrete with you
Or that your hair doesn’t look cool

Cause now you are really
Really under my skin
And babe, I’m rotten
But with you i can be mean

I love the way that you put on your makeup
And i don’t know how
How much this will go on
But i don’t really care
Cause tonight i’ll stay…

Just licking your face
Kissing your neck
Licking your face
Loosing my breath

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