Alquin – Love Is A Little Thing lyrics

Love is a little thing. A bird on silver wings. Tiny flower, early May,
Growing stronger every day. So please, please, please don’t back away,
When everything seems dark, hmmm.
You. I’m a love divice. Girl, with smiling eyes. You were always on my
Mind, a precious love, so hard to find. And you, you took me by the hand
And made me understand about love…
Love is true, love is blue, to the one and only. Love is strong and never
Wrong, a shelter when you’re lonely. Love is warm and never cold, love is
Young and never old. Love, hmmm.
Love is wild, a restless child. Not to be neglected. Love will come, a
Sacred charm. Not to be rejected. Love to win, if you sale, love will stay
True again. And love is a little thing. Just a little thing.