ASAP Ferg – Uzi Gang (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Marty Baller)

If the bitch ain’t on me, she on Ferg
Ask them niggas who they want
(Who they want?)
Uzi Gang, A$AP
Uzi Gang, A$AP
Marty Baller a mac
I’ma talk about things that go on in the trap
You can talk about rap, how I cooked up the flow, watch it rock while I’m spitting this crack, watch that Uzi go "blatt!"
Lay him flat on his back, the pump have an asthma attack
They ain’t want to do that, when them coonies is coming, young niggas them not coming back
I’m in Philly, those my other niggas, 100 deep, nobody fuckin’ with us
Fergie here, I want my brother with us, Nike boots on and we stompin’ niggas
I’m with the Mob, those my other hittas, let them out the zoo, they go gorilla
Harlem World got a 100 spittas, man I’m Marty Baller, ain’t nobody triller
Uzi Gang, A$AP
Uzi Gang, A$AP
(Who they want?)
I be tellin’ the luck I don’t want to fuck, baby just give me the forehead
She promised me a threesome with her best friend and I don’t want to blow it
Even though the bathroom not unisex, we can turn that shit to it
I be fuckin’ and suckin’ that pussy while I’m leanin’ over the toilet
Oh, I see that she feelin’ the boy, aye
Cause she know that we makin’ the noise, aye
Who do you want, it’s no choice, aye
Bitch you can’t fuck, you know that we makin’ the noise
Uzi Gang, A$AP
Uzi Gang, A$AP
(Who they want?)
You makin’ money, I’ve been made that
And that’s your new bitch, I been slayed that
And this a K, I’ll leave you way back
And bitch ass nigga better stay back
Before I bring OG, leg back
And that’s a real nigga, I say that
I might yolk you, get your bitch egg crack
And my bih like can’t seem to take that
I’m winnin’ right now and you head down
I’m rollin’ that blunt, you smoke shake pack
And your favorite rapper a zombie
And on some shit, I ain’t even take that
No, I ain’t even take that, no, I ain’t even take that
Who they want, who they want, Uzi Gang, A$AP
Uzi Gang, A$AP
Uzi Gang, A$AP
(Who they want?)

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