Navigator’. One video showcases the experience through Armin’s perspective, while the other video follows the festival journey from Aoki’s lens, each offering unique day-in-the-life points of view. ‘Music Means Love Forever’ marks the first collaborative single the long-time friends have created together. A perfect fusion of both artists’ styles, the festival anthem features a lively mixture of Armin’s signature progressive trance palette and Steve’s big room electro sound. “I am a great admirer of Steve and I’m loving our brand-new collab. The dance music titans already shared stages around the world and even swapped remixes last year when Armin remixed Aoki’s Icona Pop collab ‘I Love My Friends’ and Aoki remixed Armin and Tempo Giusto’s ‘Mr. Following weeks of teasing the new song in their sets this summer, the pair surprised their fans at Austria’s Electric Love Festival by uniting on stage to perform ‘Music Means Love Forever’ live for the first time. “It’s a song celebrating dance music and all of the emotions that come with experiencing it. We played it out live together at Electric Love Festival this summer in a true celebration of getting to dance together once again.”

Follow us on socials The monumental moment is documented via a pair of music videos that arrive today alongside the single. The title is pretty self-explanatory; music is a universal language and a language of love to many people as well. “After remixing each other’s tracks, Steve and I thought it’d be a great idea to join forces in the studio,” Armin van Buuren explains. I can’t wait for everyone to make memories to this track!”“I’m so excited to share this new track Armin van Buuren and I collaborated on together”, Steve Aoki states. Fans can tune in to Steve Aoki’s YouTube channel today at 9AM Pacific / 6PM CEST to watch the music video premiere, followed by a YouTube afterparty, where Aoki and Armin will discuss the collaboration. Dance icon Armin van Buuren has teamed up with two-time Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki on ‘Music Means Love Forever’.

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Afrojack Releases a Dancefloor Friendly Remix of Nicky Romero’s “Okay” with MARF ft. Wulf !

By Alex Cristian – September 17, 2021 113 0

His sound fuses perfectly with fellow Dutch veteran Nicky Romero, making the remix of “Okay” a real treat for any dance music fan. More great remixes of “Okay” will be released on Protocol soon. Taking the original’s emotive vocals and gentle melodies, Afrojack turns the track on its head with a goosebump-inducing buildup and driving, rhythmic bassline that will drive crowds into a frenzy at the next festival or club night. It’s no wonder – with an impressive resume of originals and remixes as well as headlining sets at some of the world’s major clubs and festivals, he has made a massive imprint on the culture we know and love today. He also serves as the head of his own record label Wall Recordings and is a constant fixture as the Top 10 of DJ Mag‘s annual Top 100 DJs poll. Nicky Romero, MARF and Wulf‘s summertime hit “Okay” receives a dancefloor-friendly remix from none other than dance music veteran Afrojack. It’s also worth mentioning that 2 months ago Nicky Romero remixed Afrojack & David Guetta‘s hit “Hero.”

After taking the world by storm with early hits such as “Legacy” with Krewella and #1 single “I Could Be The One” with Avicii, Nicky Romero quickly proved that his talent is ever-evolving and here to stay. While showcasing his label’s roster via his weekly Protocol Radio show, Nicky Romero continues to innovate and evolve during these unprecedented times in the music industry. Follow us on socials Nicky Romero keeps proving his ability to turn into gold everything he touches. After launching his Protocol Recordings imprint in 2012, the renowned performer, producer, and label head continued his personal successes with a string of high-profile releases, ranging from collaborations with Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, DallasK & XYLØ, Timmy Trumpet and Steve Aoki & Kiiara to remixes for the likes of Robin Schulz, Kygo, Rita Ora, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Jess Glynne and more. The addition of classic big-room sounds and deep, growling bass is a testament to what has made Afrojack a fan favorite for over a decade. His career has seen gold star working with David Guetta, Timmy Trumpet, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Sia, Chris Brown, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Ty Dolla $ign, Luis Fonsi, and Rae Sremmurd among others. In 2020 he launched his alter ego Monocule, which is dedicated to Nicky‘s never-ending passion for darker and underground vibes. Since he exploded onto the scene with his hit single “Take Over Control” with Eva Simons over a decade ago, Afrojack has become one of the most influential music names in electronic dance music today.



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Follow us on socials A skittish six-minute juggernaut, primed for those early warehouse hours that we’re all craving right now, the pounding A-side sees Auriga build a relentless assortment of undulating basslines, piercing siren stabs, trippy vox drops and frenetic snares, to open the package in style. A hard-hitting production and arguably the most intricate rendition on the EP, Auriga’s impressive diversity as a producer continues to shine through, as she adds to her flourishing career discography with another huge dancefloor-ready weapon. Out now via Spartaque’s burgeoning, Barcelona-based imprint, Auriga’s Underneath EP marks the Spaniard’s inaugural foray on IAMT, as she delivers an immense two-part package worthy of any label debut. Auriga

Kickstarting the EP in impressive fashion, Auriga christens the double-sided cut with the uncompromising opener Suffocating. Hot off the back of two huge debut releases on Second State and Odd Recordings over the past two months  – not to mention an incredible livestream performance from Castillo de Atienza alongside Ramiro Lopez and Lilly Palmer  – internationally celebrated Spanish techno sensation Auriga continues her hugely prolific run of Summer 2021 form as she unveils her latest huge EP, this time on the one and only I AM Techno (IAMT). On the flip, Auriga offers up her second and final original on the player with Underneath.


CAZZETTE are talking about their newest release and future plans ! EDM Nations Interview !

EDM Nations caught up with one half of the band, Alexander Björklund, now based out in California, to find out… 

Hi Alex, thanks for chatting to us today and congrats on the new single.  

It’s now 2021, and the world is a very different place. I am very grateful 

We can’t talk about successful Swedes without talking about ABBA, who of course are dropping a new album and will be performing ‘tours’ with their ABBA-tars. Is that going to be only for your own releases or will you be bringing other artists on board? Essentially the process took a while due to creating a lot of different versions of the original demo. I can do that too” although these days I don’t really listen to a lot of high energy EDM. I’m guessing Swedish climate invites one to spend a lot of time in the studio and once that joyous habit is established it’s hard to compete with all that invested time. 

For our readers who haven’t visited Sweden, what would be your top three things for us to do, and why?  

Nordic lights because there is nothing like it Stockholm for its architecture Even though it’s originally a Finnish tradition I highly recommend a Sauna and ice-bath during the winter. It feels amazing to have created an outlet for our own music as well as for anything we are currently loving. I find inspiration in other genres 

You shared the same management as Avicii – do you feel that he opened the doors for you to some extent? You think an espresso will wake you up? It has been incredibly rewarding and a beautiful way to re-discover music. We have been working hard for a long time and feel eager to share a lot of new music with everyone. 

Follow us on socials Once the vibe was right and the emotion of the music matched the vocals we initially recorded three years ago everything went rather quick and smooth. 

You worked with British singer Xander Rawlins on the single. (and it doesn’t have to be club-land related) 

Moving freely without being paranoid to either spread or catch any illness. We are, of course, still riding out the tail end of the Covid nightmare, and like so many other artists, CAZZETTE have found themselves grounded, unable to tour. Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello formed the inimitable Swedish House Mafia and under the Svengali-esque hand of Ash Pournouri came arguably electronic music’s biggest ever superstar, Avicii.  

Very exciting! Can you tell us how it came together, and also why it took three years for you to release it? 

Thanks for having me. It’s rare that I work on a song for this long. I’m really excited for the Fall and will kick off with a show in Vancouver 

How has Covid been for you? Switching studios always comes with a set of challenges like getting to know your speakers and understanding how to translate your work 

We imagine like every other artist out there, you’re excited to get back out there and DJ for us. What was it about his vocal that attracted you to work with him? 

We wrote and recorded the song together after meeting in Los Angeles. Have you used your time creatively or did you struggle with the whole situation? Xander has a great voice and talent for words which is why I wanted to do sessions with him. 

You guys have been pretty quiet since last year’s release ‘Get On Wiw It’ – was there a particular reason behind that? How exciting has it been to set it up? I’m not sure!  

I’m often in contact with my agent and management as I love touring and playing shows. From the same stable, and sporting eye-catching headgear, were the explosive duo CAZZETTE. Being young and seeing other Swedish acts succeed made me think “hey! I want to be out there as much as I can.    Finally do you have any more news you can share with us? My friends and family are all healthy and I’ve taken the time to study music, meditate and exercise  

What was the one thing you missed the most while all this has been happening?  

Absolutely. Around the turn of the last decade, a wave of incredible music began to come out of Northern Europe, more specifically Sweden. Have you got any tour news you can let us in on yet?  

Yeah absolutely. I recently relocated to Los Angeles and have been getting to know my new space and studio as well as learning a new audio workstation (after 15 years in the same program). How did they cope?  

I feel very blessed to say that Covid hasn’t been that much of a struggle to me. Covid for sure amped up a tad of germophobia  

You recently set up your own label, Magnetic Tape Records.   Expect a lot more Cazzette music!  

There are a few different theories floating around out there haha. Try this. It’s fun to see them get back together although I’m not particularly invested in their music 

What is in the water in Sweden that makes you guys all so good at music production?? Alongside their compatriots they took the world by storm, taking over main stages, festival arenas and the world’s biggest club venues. How influential were both those acts in your own musical career? 

In the early years, they played a huge role in terms of inspiration and motivation. What are your thoughts on that? 

I salute every touring or non-touring artist. We are always open to working with new people and listening to undiscovered music 

You were of course, part of the huge Swedish house invasion of the early 2010s, along with Avicii and SHM.

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Swedish House Mafia teasing their upcoming release at MTV VMAs !

Follow us on socials The myth was dispelled during the ceremony, in a short clip that they shared. The night was star-studded, and one of the acts that shone brightly was unequivocally Swedish House Mafia, who dazzled the audience with a striking performance. This was also the moment chosen to confirm the forthcoming collaboration with The Weeknd. This was another successful move from the famous trio’s hotly-anticipated comeback. The ceremony took place last Sunday in New York, where the Barclays Centre opened its doors to welcome and celebrate the biggest bangers of the year. The buzz from the teaser has exploded in recent weeks, leaving fans’ expectations sky-high. Last weekend emotions were running high at the highly anticipated 2021 MTV VMAs.

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VINAI teams up with LA Vision to release “Hide Away”!

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“‘Hide Away’– it’s the true hybrid between a slappy EDN song and Euro dance anthem. Powering up with a stream of pulsating bass chords, the pitched vocals bring a melancholic vibe that continues as the chorus breaks out. Cool layered beats appear as the energetic backing to a bittersweet song, highlighted by a strong, singalong vocal chant, ready to get all hands waving in the air. Titled ‘Hide Away’, the new joint release is a tender and emotive club hit, built from the ground up with contemplative vocals and VINAI’s signature big room bounce style. Whether it’s the elements of classic house and eurodance combined with a fresh, contemporary production, or the teamup between a veteran act and a new, upcoming artist, ‘Hide Away’ has all of the makings of a timeless dance pearl. Hide Away’ is what happens when these two acts join forces – a rare collaboration that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Better join this party, cause it’s about to start! Italy’s powerhouse duo VINAI teams up with the rising production talents of the half Italian, half Brazilian LA Vision. It’s something pretty unique that we totally love!” – VINAI

Follow us on socials Consider them tastemakers in the pop/dance crossover genre, VINAI and LA Vision deliver an upwinding tune in every aspect. A certifiable secret weapon for DJs around the world, ‘Hide Away’ is guaranteed to bring fans out of the woodwork with its synthetic vocal harmonies and thick, rolling baselines – out now on Spinnin’ Records.


SALADIN reworks the classic “Boom Boom Boom” by The Outhere Brothers and we love it !

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SALADIN newest release comes in the shape of a brilliant re-work for the classic “Boom Boom Boom” by The Outhere Brothers (one of my favorite all time dance classics) and he manages to revive the old school house vibes with a modern sound approach. Follow us on socials Check it out below and grab your free copy! Certainly produced with Ibiza in mind, the track is primed to feature predominantly throughout this early fall as the biggest months of electronic music rear their head. Garnering an immense catalog of house music productions to keep his crowds moving, SALADIN is notoriously known for leaving the audience in awe. Chicago-based electronic dance music producer SALADIN takes an electrifying stance each time he steps on stage. A heavy bass line and and infectious vocals give a definite nod of the head on the break part, until filthy bass drops and undulating percussive sections thrust the listener firmly back into the future. Overall this sounds like a solid production that i highly recommend, especially that it comes as a free download.



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With the pandemic shutting everything down for eighteen months, it gave me the opportunity to work even harder on making the track feel right; I jumped on the vocals myself and made the production feel as big as the hook did. We really do have ‘The Recipe’!”

MistaJam has long been one of the U.K.’s most lauded music radio tastemakers. With a bumping bassline driving the energy, alluring singalong vocal hooks and a smooth instrumental arrangement, this peak-time release supplies ‘The Recipe’ for good vibes and a great night out firmly planted on the dance floor. So during a writing session with GOODBOYS and Brad Ellis, I played them the instrumental, explained how the beat would always go off in my sets and the ideas started to flow!”

“GOODBOYS are geniuses at those instant earworm melodic hooks, so we threw ideas around for lyrics and recorded about five different ideas”, the Dance NRG figurehead continues. U.K. “When I went back to the track on the train to a gig after that session, I really tapped into my DJing experience to pick out those bits that really felt right and played out the demo at that gig that night. The five-time British Radio Academy award winner has already proven himself to be an extremely versatile individual on the gamut of music-related disciplines. music tastemaker and hit-making producer MistaJam knows how to cook up a straight-fire dance anthem and delivers again with this infinitely catchy dance floor heater. What you’ve got is the final result. He now continues to build his repertoire as a producer, writer and artist through the exceptional works via his Dance NRG concept. Follow us on socials It went off more than the beat had before! Celebrating the reopening of clubs and dance floors, ‘The Recipe’ sets out to remind people what they have been missing out on and craving over the last year. “I’d originally made the beat of ‘The Recipe’ as a club and festival tool for me to use while DJing and topped it off with a famous a cappella”, MistaJam says. “It always seemed to go off in my sets, but the acapella just didn’t feel right to me.


Ropas & Da French teamed up to deliver you ‘Every Time’!

Futuristic, dark and stripped-back “Every Time” provides a clinical contrast to the euphoria of the song that’s at the heart of the track. Get on the dancefloor and feel the huge amount of energy emerging from this tune! The drop part comes with a solid bass line and a pumping groove, just like it should be, perfectly combined with vocals, to increase it’s energy and flow. Ropas & Da French teamed up to deliver you the ultimate house dancefloor smasher called ‘Every Time’, out on Ensis Records. Follow us on socials

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With an arsenal of techno weapons released on Tronic, Suara, Terminal M, 1605 and Yoshitoshi (to name but a few) the in-demand production outfit now make their eagerly anticipated debut on TIAL, as they unveil an immense techno-leaning interpretation of Costa’s heady opener. An intricately layered cut, driven by pulsating basslines, whirring industrial synthesisers and intermittent voice drops, the finale sees the formidable duo fire on all cylinders to conclude a remarkable two-part EP on There Is A Light. Loco & Jam

Adding another dimension to the standout opener, the flip sees the introduction of esteemed Northern Irish techno producers Lloyd Reid and James People – otherwise known as Loco & Jam. Having already enjoyed a wealth of huge releases from the likes of Matt Sassari, Drunken Kong, The Reactivitz, D-Unity and label boss The Archer over the past nine months, Los Angeles’ most exciting new house and techno imprint, There Is A Light, now readies its next extended player of 2021, with the announcement of Ron Costa’s emphatic Koi EP. Warmly welcoming the legendary French producer back for his second original EP on the label this year (following the critically acclaimed release of Sides back in June) the exquisite new two-part package is another incredible showcase in forward-thinking, underground dance music on the burgeoning West Coast label, and comes complete with an extra-special remix from long-standing Northern Irish techno duo Loco & Jam. Ron Costa

Inaugurating the EP with the uncompromising title track ‘Koi’, Costa goes full-throttle from the off, delivering a dark and driving tech house cut, replete with punchy rhythms, eerie samples and murky warehouse soundscapes. Returning to TIAL armed with hefty catalogue of first-rate releases on the likes of Noir, Sola, Octopus Recordings and Deeperfect over the course of his impressive career, this latest offering is further proof of a truly dynamic, in-form producer at the very top of his game. Follow us on socials

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About two-and-a-half years ago, when we released ‘Hoe Het Danst’ together with Marco Borsato, I couldn’t help but shout from the rooftops how much I loved Davina’s vocal performance”, Armin van Buuren shares. “I’m really proud of our new single”, Davina Michelle adds. The fans of world-renowned DJ and producer Armin van Buuren and Dutch songstress Davina Michelle must be feeling at the crest of the wave right now. The pair, who scored a huge hit in the Netherlands alongside distinguished Dutch singer Marco Borsato with their 2019 single ‘Hoe Het Danst’, recently hit the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort with an unannounced performance and officially released their second collab yesterday: ‘Hold On’. I’m also very honored he asked me to accompany him at his biggest-ever European solo show in Romania.”

Spurred on by the hundred million streams for ‘Hoe Het Danst’, the exhilarating live performance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the Netherlands and this brand-new collaboration, Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle will be keeping the collaborative spirit alive for a bit longer. With Armin van Buuren’s brilliant, uplifting production and Davina Michelle’s gold-rimmed vocals, ‘Hold On’ stands out as an incredibly catchy pop-dance crossover that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish. “So naturally, it was a no-brainer to get together with her for a second time to write this song. Follow us on socials I am beyond proud of the result; hearing your own lyrics has always been special to me, let alone when they’re sung to perfection. Soon to welcome a complementary club version, ‘Hold On’ tells a story of perseverance and inner strength. On September 25, when Armin van Buuren is to touch down in Bucharest, Romania for his biggest European solo show ever at Sound of Bucharest, Davina Michelle will be supporting him on stage. For both artists, the Bucharest show culminates a remarkable and musically successful year, with Armin van Buuren releasing a truckload of new records and Davina Michelle gaining international plaudits for her impeccable performances for the Eurovision Song Contest, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the global HYMN livestream. “I’m still buzzing from the fact that I got to hit the studio with someone so musically gifted as Armin to create a powerful song that reflects who we are as musicians.


Genix releases stunning debut album ‘199X’ on Anjunabeats !

Genix arrived on Anjunabeats in 2010 and immediately became a mainstay in Above & Beyond sets with tracks like ‘Aura’, ‘Destinations’ and ‘Black Water’ (with regular touring partner Sunny Lax). I would often get on the bus to different places to go record hunting. As a young DJ I spent every single penny I had on vinyl. There’s blissed out breakbeat on ’Until I Find You’ and ‘I’m Awake’, both featuring Australia’s JVMIE; sun drenched piano house with Towera on ‘Be Free’; reverberating and cavernous trance on ‘Numb’ featuring the U.K.’s LYCA. ‘199X’ is winning strong support, including from an impressive range of DJs including Diplo, Carl Craig, Joseph Capriati, Oliver Heldens, Joyce Muniz, Armin Van Buuren, and Above & Beyond. A love letter to rave culture, ‘199X’ is the debut artist album from Anjunabeats stalwart Damion ‘Damo’ Houchen, also known as Genix. The LP is a departure from the sound Genix is best known for. Through the late 00’s and 2010’s, Genix was known for his textured, melodic trance production, and caught the ear of Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk, securing releases on both Armada and Vandit. Follow us on socials Raised on The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Chicane, Genix has anchored his life to ever-evolving sounds of dance music. Based in the U.K., he became a resident DJ and promoter for The Emporium nightclub in Coalville, a legendary Midlands clubbing destination that hosted parties for John Digweed to Tiesto. My mum used to listen to the likes of Nightcrawlers, Leftfield, The Prodigy and more on our holidays. woven between are high energy techno and trance floor fillers. Those were really magical times and they’ve shaped my sound as it is today.”

Those early musical memories and Genix’s 15 years of engineering and production experience have culminated in ‘199X’:16 tracks of chillout, house, techno and trance that harken back to the 90’s and early 00’s heyday of dance. I think they’re timeless and you can hear a lot of their influences in my productions today. Those sounds will always be a part of my love for dance music. “I started to fall in love with dance music during the 90s as a young teenager.

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Y do I Release Debut Album ‘I Know’ on Area Verde !

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Following a slew of critically-acclaimed EP and single releases on the likes of Trippy Code, Take My Space and Area Verde over the course of their collaborative musical career, I Know marks the first full studio long-player from partners Amos Chalfon and David Semo, who have been producing and performing together under the Y do I moniker since 2019. Talking about the album, Y do I commented:

“Our debut album brings a futuristic interpretation to classical electronic music. I Know – the full-length debut album from burgeoning Israeli production duo Y do I – is out now via Area Verde. Perpetually striving to deliver an unmatched sensory experience for the listener – both in their eclectic studio releases and hard-hitting live performances – Y do I have an innate ability to fuse multiple genres into a sum much greater than their constituent parts, reimagining a close affinity for trance, minimal, progressive and techno within a uniquely gripping and original paradigm. Continuing in this vein, I Know is thework a hyper-focused and extraordinarily skilled duo, intent on pushing the envelope to a whole new level – a duo that has been hailed as one of the most exciting electronic acts to emerge out of Israel over the past decade. Purveyors of their own unique brand of ‘future techno’, Y do I have been on a prolific run of form over the past few years, with their avant-garde productions resonating with a growing legion of loyal fans across the globe. Above all, we want to show the world our massive, emotive basslines, specially crafted rhythms and our signature gritty sound, which together makes our Y do I project stand out as something truly unique.”

Follow us on socials Now ambassadors for the Israeli electronic music scene on a global scale, Y do I’s wealth of inimitable productions project a forward-leaning sound infused with deep musicality and raw, stripped-back minimalism. Fusing hi-tech synthesizers with refined production values to give the crowd the most intense and emotional feeling possible, the album is a massive dancefloor breaker that alters your consciousness and brings you to a higher dimension.



A collaboration with British, LA-based vocalist Xander Rawlins (LAIKIPIA), the production from Björklund is warm, organic and exquisitely structured. To be centred and grounded. “I hate sounding clichéd or overly dramatic about it,” Rawlins says now, “but I think we knew at the time that this was special because it meant something to us.”


“The song reflects on those moments of clarity,” he continues, “where we confront our worries and stress, and make a stand against them. ‘A Day To Sing About’ is released on September 10th 2021, on Day In Day Out, a division of Cosmos Music. “It’s easy to get lost in detail given my technical background in music and I was careful not to end up there. Three years in the making, CAZZETTE’s brand new single ‘A Day To Sing About’ is arguably their most beautiful yet, a message of strength rising out from the darkest of times, that CAZZETTE member Alexander Björklund calls an “ode to hope and bravery”. To embrace whatever life is throwing at us, and to simply appreciate the fact that we are, in fact, alive.”

The creative process for ‘A Day To Sing About’ took a different route to Björklund’s usual approach towards dance music. Central to the single is a solid, unwavering, insistent piano-based rhythm that draws everything else into its influence; a sonic superstructure Björklund constructs for Rawlin’s vocal to swoop and circle like some vast creature in flight, other elements joining to create a swirling, rising, pulsating composition. GRAMMY-nominated in Sweden and with multiple gold-selling titles to their name, the duo have been a regular fixture in the Billboard Dance Charts, performing at the likes of Ultra Music Festival, EDC and Tomorrowland and releasing through labels including Def Jam, PRMD and Strictly Rhythm. We choose simply, to live in the moment. “I actually ended up re-writing all the music and melodies on guitar alone and then switching over to a more familiar synth-heavy soundscape inspired by 80s music in general,” he explains. Rawlins and Björklund began working on the single back in 2018, with both feeling immediately, innately drawn to the single. CONNECT W/ CAZZETTE:

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | SoundCloud | Spotify

Follow us on socials Now independent, the pair signed their imprint Magnetic Tapes to the Nordics’ leading indie label Cosmos Music, releasing ‘Get On Wiw It’ in 2020. We got to work and the song grew even stronger.”

Xander Rawlins 

Breaking through in the great EDM boom of 2011 that swept the world, for many years CAZZETTE – Björklund and Sebastian Furrer – shared management with fellow Swedish artists Avicii, Axwell and Ingrosso. Once the emotional core of the song had been found a good friend of mine had the idea of arranging the song to its full ‘extended version’ before adapting it to a shorter version, which yet again is something I hadn’t been doing a lot since the earlier days of CAZZETTE.

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The guys bring raw synth stabs across the song’s melody, ultimately unleashing them with indestructible big room beats to pump up festival crowds worldwide. Tungevaag clearly explores his modern, renowned rhythmic melodies, building tension with moody chords and emotionally driven vocals towards a fist in the air chorus, making way for a raving drop that comes courtesy of Bassjackers’ ever impressive production work. A very effective DJ weapon as well as a streaming monster that will highlight any playlist. Follow us on socials ‘Written In The Stars’ is a record you’ll feel deep into your bones. Call it an astral projection of melodic wonder, this new tune has everything that fans want from a late summer dance hit— playful synths, anthemic vocals, and a pounding house beat. Wherever you are, you’ll be dancing to this one, as Tungevaag and Bassjackers cross genres with a very fitting 2021 dance anthem—one that brings the festival vibes straight to your door. The result is the aptly titled, ‘Written In The Stars’, a single that brings both acts’ strongpoints together in a singular blaze of festival energy. Following his successful collab with Spinnin’ golden boys Lucas & Steve earlier in the summer, Norwegian DJ/producer Tungevaag now teams up with another high praised Dutch duo, Bassjackers. Make way for a riveting record that unites Tungevaag’s fresh melodic approach with Bassjackers’ timeless big room drops – out now on Spinnin’ Records. So, a very promising teamup as these heavyweights release their collab single ‘Written In The Stars’.


Your Evil Boyfriend and Brunetti Join Forces Again On Future Bass Song ‘Rampage’!

The song is a well produced and balanced future bass track full of melodies. Furthermore he amassed over 60,000 streams on his release ‘Nightmare’ with Young Presley. His third release ‘FAT’ with JareB34R reached top 26 in the Electro Beatport charts. I’ve come to embrace the good in my dark side so that’s translated in my music.”

Follow us on socials Born in Peru but heavily marinated by his maple syrup passport, he started his musical journey while being stuck in the silver mines of the Sonora Desert. Speaking about his unique artist name, he says “I didn’t come up with my artist name, a girl gave it to me. Dance music producer Your Evil Boyfriend blends jaded super saws with distorted pianos and big sound system drums. His first label release with Brunetti ‘Back To The Start’ charted top 47 in Dance charts on Beatport, and it has quickly achieved over 25,000 streams. Upcoming artist Your Evil Boyfriend is back with another well produced release! After the successes from his first three releases, the Canadian artist with Peruvian roots has his second collaboration with female vocalist Brunetti on ‘Rampage’ which came out on August 20th. The release will also have a music video coming out soon.

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 Hypnotised: A Journey Through Trance Music (1990 – 2005), the book and ‘Hypnotised: A Journey Through Dutch Trance Music (1994 – 2005)’ the music release can be ordered through the following link here:

Follow us on socials Equally the album covers inspirational, seminal, ‘trance-before-trance’ tracks, including World Tour’s ‘You Wanna Be Loved’, Armin’s ‘Electronically Entertained’ release (under his Technology alias), Fractals’ ‘Lifelab’, ‘Mirror’ by Stray Dog (a.k.a. In doing so it also puts a rare spotlight on trance’s lesser-known label beginnings, incorporating music from there-at-the-start imprints like Cyber, Massive Drive and Alien Recordings. Featuring both embryonic and breakout moments, it includes landmark tracks like Armin’s ‘Blue Fear’, ‘Out Of The Blue’ by System F, ‘Janerio’ from Solid Sessions and Vincent de Moor’s ‘Fly Away’. Tiësto), Geert Huinink’s Photon Project and others. Authored by Dutch writer Arjan Rietveld, and based on three years of exhaustive research and interviews that sit alongside his personal reflections on the subject, the bookis the most definitive account yet of the music’s history. For Hypnotised, he spoke to some of its foremost operators, with the likes of Solarstone, Laurent Veronnez, Banco de Gaia, Sander Kleinenberg, Cosmic Baby, Delirium, Jam El Mar, Marco V, Nu NRG and Push all contributing empirical context and ringside insight. In doing so, they relate the production backstories of some of trance’s most renowned musical moments, lending observations that will fascinate fans, both casual and dedicated. Collectively, Hypnotised reconstructs trance’s earliest years, building the clearest-yet picture of how it all began. Acclaimed Black Hole Recordings head Arny Bink, Bonzai’s Christian ‘Fly’ Pieters, Eric Morand of France’s F Communications, Benjamin Woods’ Hooj Choons offshoot Lost Language and MFS’s Mark Reeder collectively provide a pan-European account of its label origins.The book also examines what’s lent the style its enduring appeal and takes a forensic look at the labyrinthine architecture of its sub-genres, objectively weighing their pros and cons. Arguably though, never as comprehensively as within the pages of Hypnotised – A Journey Through Trance, which is released this month. Subtitled 1990 To 2005, Rietveld covers its proto to seminal periods, through to its ascendance and glory years reign. Stripping back the glitz and glamour of the superclub era, it uncovers the organic bare bones and cottage industry-nature of its beginnings. The book’s release is also complemented by a companion CD, vinyl & digital album release, which places ‘A Journey’s spotlight on the Dutch contribution to trance’s nascence. Further, Hypnotised includes extensive conversations with the label heads and owners – the people tasked with meeting the rapidly expanding demand for the new musical form. Who stayed in and who departed (and why), who got paid and who didn’t, the lows, the highs, the rock, roll & indisputable soul of the genre are all to be found between its pages. Trance is a musical style capable of inspiring passions like few others, and one that – over its considerable lifetime – has been much-documented.

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So I decided to do a collaboration album with some of my favorite artists and sat down with them to create trance tracks that will last the fans at least another thousand episodes. Including link-ups with flagbearers such as Sander van Doorn, Rank 1, Paul Oakenfold, Aly & Fila, Push, Jorn van Deynhoven, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Susana, the twelve-track album is chock-full of timeless cuts and productions destined to withstand the test of time. Across two decades and a thousand episodes, the show’s following steadily grew into a weekly audience of 40 million fans from over eighty different countries. It has become almost impossible to overlook the impact that Armin van Buuren’s globally syndicated A State Of Trance radio show has had over the years. For ASOT1000, I wanted to do something special. Both Trance music and the entire A State Of Trance brand are here to stay, and Armin van Buuren’s brand-new, collab-packed ‘A State Of Trance FOREVER’ album boldly underlines that notion. We have put a lot of love in these records and hope you will have a blast listening to them, especially since there will be more albums to come in the ‘A State Of Trance FOREVER’ series. The ‘A State Of Trance FOREVER’ album has some of Trance’s most appreciated artists shining alongside Armin van Buuren in full collaborative glory. “I started A State Of Trance to share the music I love with people from all over the world, and I’m so proud that it turned into a full-blown community for everyone who loves Trance music”, Armin van Buuren says. “A State Of Trance has not only allowed me to stay in touch with my fans and share my own music, but also to spotlight the established and up-and-coming artists I admire. So are you ready to get into A State Of Trance?!”

Follow us on socials Every track, from 123 bpm to serious uplifting, will also be a big part of my upcoming sets.



Riding high off the back of their debut album release earlier this summer, they make their return to UK house giant Positiva Records with “Burning”. Adorned with the illustrious vocal alchemy of London based songwriter Camden Cox, this powerhouse trio of female energy burn brightly. Follow us on socials “Getting in the studio together in LA was amazing. We are all on the same wavelength music wise and wanted to create something uplifting to dance to and with feeling. Packed full of attitude and unquestionable atmospheric groove, the subtle growl of the track’s low end feels akin to a prowling tigress. “Burning” wades smoothly through hypnotic pads and gently rising chordal elements, whilst Camden Cox’s infectious vocalsglow like polished rubies shining vibrantly atop Eli & Fur’s composition. We finished the song in a day and continued remotely on the production until we were all happy. We love Camden’s voice and were so excited to work together. They’ve toured the globe and have graced the stages of the biggest festivals in the world including Coachella, Tomorrowland and Glastonbury. The song is about shallow perceptions of your relationship from the outside. The song came together really quickly. It might not be perfect but only the people in it know how good it really is, and won’t run away from the first sign of danger”. Accumulating over 45 million streams with her vocal adornments, Cox has quickly risen to be one of the most sought after songwriters having previously collaborated with Craig David, Solardo, Tiesto, whilst widespread support from Annie Mac, Mistajam and Kiss FM.“Burning” is the Eli & Fur’s next installment for the seminal UK imprint Positiva and follows their collaboration with long-time friends, allies and peers Disciples on “The Pressure”. Speaking about the track, Camden explains “It’s crazy because we are all British girls but we met up 5000 miles away from home, and wrote this in the Spotify studio in West Hollywood! We are so excited to share this track!” Eli & Fur

Eliza Noble and Jennifer Skillman have been a tight partnership for almost a decade as Eli & Fur. Meeting at school, they were rave buddies in their teens, hitting up clubs and DJing at friends’ parties for fun.

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AREA21 release “LOVIN’ EVERY MINUTE” with Martin Garrix & Maejor !

The video details M & M’s journey so far – from their accidental crash in the Nevada desert, being chased by the ominous Lady T to partying in Vegas and floating through the Louvre in Paris.  There’s even a hint at what’s to come. Follow us on socials  The song, written by real life artists Martin Garrix and Maejor, shines a spotlight on living in the moment and the importance of the human connection. Since the release of new music in April, AREA21 has amassed over 29M combined streams and a combined social imprint of over 42M.  Meanwhile the video takes a look at how M & M are loving every minute of their time here on Earth and hints at what’s ahead for the duo. AREA21 has released their latest song + video ”Lovin’ Every Minute” in a series of releases detailing the alien duo’s adventures here on Earth. The cover art features light passing from alien to human and represents uplifting another by a simple touch, “With your energy and spirit, you can change someone’s mood just by how you treat them” noted AREA21. With more songs and videos to come, AREA21 is running at full speed towards their debut album releasing this fall.

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“This time around, we decided to do something new. ‘Illusion’ and ‘Heaven’, both of which have already been released as standalone tracks on Armin van Buuren’s Armind label, complete the sonic trifecta, adding diversity and character to this unmistakably alluring triple-threat offering. All tracks on the EP are different, but you can hear how our sound has developed into something new and refreshing, as it’s more progressive and melodic. In the past few years, Shapov and NERAK have pocketed their fair share of acclaim, especially when industry icons such as Afrojack, Alesso and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike started playing tracks such as ‘Party People’, ‘Everybody’ and their remix of Afrojack’s ‘Summerthing!’ at the world’s premier festivals. Steeped in their new and distinctly progressive sound, ‘Circles EP’ opens with a dark, mysterious and melodious soundscape titled ‘Vetra’, a track that started out as a mere acapella and got turned into a full-blown track about the Russian soul and emotion in three days’ time. A three-track release that highlights the pair’s new direction and instantly catapults them onto dance music’s upper tier: ‘Circles (EP)’. We’re super excited to be releasing this!”

Follow us on socials All this success simply begged for continuation, and that’s exactly what the Russian go-getters have been working toward in the studio. The result? “We met each other about thirteen years ago and created a bunch of tracks together that did really well in the festival circuit”, Shapov and Nerak say. Releasing the EP on Armin van Buuren’s Armind sound is a definitely a bit surprising, but we feel the sound caters to both the Trance audience and the House/Progressive community really well.



She was a featured artist on the 2018 NOTD and Felix Jaehn single “So Close,” which peaked at #11 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Follow us on socials Her writing credits most notably include “Scared To Be Lonely” (Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa) , as well as singles by Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony and MØ to name a few. The EP will also include “Sweet Dreams” with Imanbek, “Space Melody” with VIZE, and a soon to be announced new single. The single is available today alongside an elaborate video filmed in the same gaming/racing setting as his previous video for “Sweet Dreams.”  

“Don’t You Hold Me Down” is featured on a club-oriented EP titled Walker Racing League, slated for release on September 10. Alan Walker releasedhis brand new single “Don’t You Hold Me Down” which is co-written by and features UK singer and songwriter Georgia Ku.

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Small Tok are taking us to “Club 9” !

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YES SIR! Featuring beautiful pop-infused vocals, an uplifting atmosphere all throughout the tune and catchy melodic drops, this tune screams good vibes all over. Listen it bellow and don’t forget to add it to your personal playlist:

Follow us on socials Can this song be your musical choice for this late summer? Zohar & Bat-El (a.k.a Small ToK) present a unique fusion of today’s pop music with the golden days of EDM which brings together an emotional, energetic sound fitting any venue / dancefloor. Small ToK’s performance showcases Djing along with live singing, which connects the crowd to the act.The duo’s latest track, ‘Club 9’ was released via Ensis Records and gained global support from names such as Dannic, Chester Young and Timmy Trumpet who also played it in his monthly residency on One World Radio.



From the jacked-up beats and pounding kick drums to the lyrics about glamorous influencer lifestyles, this track is designed to resonate strongly with the international crowd. Tom Staar

U.K.-born, Ibiza-based DJ and producer Tom Staar has been one of dance music’s household names since he started gracing major-league labels such as Armada Music, Axtone, Sixe and Spinnin’ Records with his presence. Two BBC Radio One Essential Mixes. Multi-platinum selling singles. With his imprint Delecta Records, where he releases regular singles, Cedric continues his ascendancy into 2021 and beyond. Released on Cedric Gervais’ Delectra Records via Armada Music, ‘Tag Your Sponsor’ is bound to give the dance music community something to talk about. A club-tailored cut that’s sure to turn as many heads as its predecessor, ‘Tag Your Sponsor’ bears a serious amount of attitude. Three Essential New Tunes. These are just a few things that have been making French-born Miami resident Cedric Gervais one of the most sought-after House DJs and electronic music producers in the world today. The go-to remixer. Acting roles in Michael Bay’s blockbuster film ‘Pain & Gain’ alongside Mark Wahlberg and The Rock, and Pete Berg’s ’The Long Night’ alongside Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell. Beatport, Buzz, Hype Machine & Cool Cuts Charts number 1s. A monthly Spotify audience of over 4 million listeners. Cedric Gervais and Tom Staar already got fans excited about the prospect of a second collab upon the release of ‘Playing Games’ back in February, and they’re delivering on their promise six months later. Follow us on socials A weekly Global Radio show. Billboard, UK & ARIA Chart Top 10 hits. In the past few years, he pocketed an International Dance Music Award for his and Kryder’s ‘De Puta Madre’, secured remix credentials for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Axwell & Ingrosso, Dimitri Vegas 7 Like Mike and Sam Feldt, and dominated main stages across the globe with notable performances at leading festivals such as Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, Creamfields, Mysteryland and Global Gathering. Residencies in Las Vegas, New York and Miami. Cedric Gervais

Cedric Gervais: “When Tom and I first started collaborating on “Playing Games” we came up with the idea for “Tag Your Sponsor” – a cheeky play on the current influencer culture.  Since it’s a heavier record, we wanted to wait until things started opening back up so listeners could experience it in a proper club setting.”

Grammy winner for Best Remix in 2013 for his version of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’. A yearly tour schedule and sold-out shows spanning the world over.

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Nandu Releases ‘The Verge Of Sanity EP’ on Out Of Options !

Featuring three brand new original cuts spanning some of the very finest avant-garde interpretations of minimal house, melodic techno and stripped back electronica, The Verge Of Sanity is another veritable masterclass in intelligent, cutting edge electronic music from the in-form, Copenhagen-based producer, who returns to Out of Options armed with a slew of impressive career releases on the likes of Innervisions, Afterlife, TAU, Exit Strategy, Azzur, Rebirth and MoBlack, to name just a few. Penetrating the imagination with his mind-altering tones and exemplary use of juxtaposition and surprise, this is Nandu at his very best. The Verge of Sanity marks the third full-length EP on Out Of Options, following the critically acclaimed release of Nandu’s Lemon Haze EP in March 2021 and his sophomore follow up Simple Reflections EP in May. Follow us on socials Collaborating with Danish-Haitian artist Emily Simbi (who featured on Nandu’s inaugural EP on Out Of Options back in March), the pair amalgamate organic melodies and lethargic beats with gentle timbres and Emily’s subtle vocal refrains to wrap another remarkable release on Out Of Options, and one of the most captivating releases on the label to date. Perpetually striving to deliver an unmatched sensory experience for the listener – both in his productions and his unique live performances – Nandu revels in the blurring of boundaries between genres, reimagining his close affinity for jazz, pop and rock within a uniquely electronic paradigm. Christening the EP with the absorbing title track The Verge Of Sanity, Nandu draws on his inexorable experience and unbridled creativity as a producer to deliver a strikingly nuanced underground house cut, replete with complex analogue textures, multifaceted rhythms and a chugging groove that bolsters the opener across its six-minute duration. The Verge of Sanity – the remarkable new EP from hotly-tipped Danish producer, electronic live act and label head Nandu – is out now via his burgeoning young imprint, Out Of Options. Drawing the EP to an immaculate conclusion with a dreamy, remedial finale, Nandu demonstrates his productions credentials aren’t exclusive to the dancefloor, as he embarks upon an almost therapeutic journey through consciousness to bring us Silence. The middle order of the EP is further testament to this, as the Dane unravels a rich tapestry of complex underground soundscapes, restrained beats and rough sonic patterns on the second offering No One Knows.

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“I’ve long been a big fan of Timmy’s work”, Armin van Buuren says. Unlikely collaborations produce stunning results more often than not, and Armin van Buuren and Timmy Trumpet first-ever creative get-together is a testament to that. I loved working together with him on this track and I can’t wait to play it live during a sunny festival day somewhere soon. “I love collaborating with artists and Armin is an inspiration, someone I’ve looked up to since the very beginning”, Timmy Trumpet adds. Can’t wait to play this one live!”

The music video of ‘Anita’ enthusiastically shares the song’s fun-loving character. Follow us on socials This is a really fun record and I’m very happy we were able to capture the energy we both bring to the table. From the colorful intro and catchy vocals to Timmy Trumpet’s infectious trademark trumpets and Armin van Buuren’s devastating drops, ‘Anita’ is one of the most playful and impactful anthems you’ll be hearing this decade. Making the diorama artwork of the single come to life, it ensures an upbeat, summery and colorful audiovisual spectacle that does both the track and the Ibiza party scene justice. Together with Australian, award-winning, multi-platinum-selling recording artist Timmy Trumpet, the Dutchman is delivering a tequila-flavored, Ibiza-tailored summer smash that makes your heart go like crazy… just like ‘Anita’. That way, everyone can party like ‘Anita’! “To be finally working with him on a release of our own is surreal! “His trumpet performances brought something fresh to the scene, and I always love to see that kind of creativity, especially when you mix in those energetic dance moves. After teaming up with Swedish DJ and producer Alesso on ‘Leave A Little Love’, five-time #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren is set to turn heads with his next high-magnitude collab.


Universal Music Group signs global partnership with Tomorrowland !

Through this bespoke and innovative label partnership, Tomorrowland will enjoy direct access to a collective pool of UMG’s most successful international label divisions, creating greater flexibility to deliver global hits. Founded on the spirit and ethos of the Virgin brand, long synonymous with disruptive innovation and musical creativity, Virgin Music Label & Artists Services provides artists and labels with global and regional solutions and resources from fully staffed operations across major music markets. We are delighted to have partnered with them to support the launch of their new label venture and to have created a uniquely flexible model utilizing our expert and proven teams at Virgin Records Germany, Virgin Music Label & Artist Services teams around the world and other flagship UMG labels worldwide to help drive success and create global hits for Tomorrowland. As a testament to its pioneering approach, Astralwerks has amassed 30 GRAMMY® nominations, taken home six GRAMMY Awards and had historic releases from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Swedish House Mafia, Halsey, Porter Robinson, Phoenix, Eric Prydz, Fatboy Slim and many others. Tomorrowland Music will work alongside Virgin Records Germany and Virgin Music Label & Artist Services globally to support future releases and projects

Innovative deal allows flexibility and support from multiple label divisions within world’s leading music company to deliver global hits

Berlin/Antwerp (Belgium), Thursday, 26 August 2021 – Tomorrowland, a leading global festival brand and electronic music company and Universal Music Germany, a division of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, have today announced an exclusive global partnership that will see future Tomorrowland releases and artists, from their newly established label, distributed worldwide through a unique label network within UMG. In making the announcement, Michiel Beers, CEO and founder of Tomorrowland said, “Creativity is something that can’t be stopped at Tomorrowland. The label has also released such massive singles as the 6x Platinum “Happier” by Marshmello + Bastille and FISHER’s “Losing It.”

Follow us on socials Astralwerks is a modern, artist-first label and the #1 market share leader for dance/electronic music in the U.S. Everyone who has ever been to Tomorrowland or even just seen one of their event films has experienced their dedication. Chico Rose, with the track ‘You Got The Love’ available on all platforms worldwide on August 27. Since its launch earlier this year Virgin Music Label & Artist Services has opened divisions in the U.S., Japan, U.K., Germany and Central Europe, France, Australia & New Zealand, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and across Latin America and Iberia, with further markets to launch in the coming months. It’s great to see that we sharing the same passion for electronic music & artists. With the combined forces of our dedicated label team, Tomorrowland’s broader Media House, and the different Virgin Music teams worldwide, our aim is to introduce fans in every corner of the world to the most exciting projects in electronic music.”

Frank Briegmann, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Central Europe & Deutsche Grammophon said, “Over the past 15 years Tomorrowland has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading festivals and electronic music brands by consistently expanding and evolving their relationship with music fans. Whilst the global pandemic has meant that the Tomorrowland festival was cancelled in 2020 & 2021, the brand has continued to expand its global reach and influence, alongside a series of digital festivals and events that brought music into homes during the global lockdown. Over two weekends, more than 400,000 people from 200 countries visit the festival, which sells out in minutes each year. The first release under the new label will be from Never Sleeps, a new project from Afrojack ft. Virgin Music Label & Artist Services is a network of regional hubs strategically positioned in the world’s leading music markets that delivers premium artist and label services to the industry’s most dynamic entrepreneurs and independent talent. We look forward to a very successful partnership together, and to further enhancing our ability to provide partners, labels and artists with new and innovative ways to achieve global success.”

Magnus Textor, Head of A&R, Virgin Records Germany said, “Joining forces with Tomorrowland Music feels like love at first sight. The partnership will be led in Berlin by Alexander Neipp, Daniel Schmidt and Magnus Textor (Virgin Records) and Tina Adams (Virgin Music Label & Artist Services). The label will partner with Virgin Records Germany, with global distribution through Virgin Music Label & Artist Services to ensure that Tomorrowland has access to market leading resources and expert label teams worldwide to further reach and grow their global audience.   

One of the world’s biggest music festivals, Tomorrowland has been held annually in Boom, Belgium since 2005. Therefore, I’m confident the new label is going to be a special place and a great home for artists.”

In recent years, Virgin Records Germany has become the leading electronic label in Germany, whilst achieving significant international success in signing, releasing and marketing dance and electronic artists and hits. Recent worldwide hits include releases from Topic & A7S (Breaking Me & Your Love (9pm) together with ATB), MEDUZA (Piece Of Your Heart, Lose Control, Paradise) and twocolors (Lovefool). Today, Tomorrowland is one of Europe’s most innovative music brands, respected by artists and loved by the millions of people who have attended their events around the world. The flexibility of the partnership means that future projects can be aligned with other labels within the UMG global family to further expand the footprint for Tomorrowland and its artist projects around the world. Combining a scalable, independent and global-thinking ethos with the ability to tap into the resources of a major label has enabled Astralwerks to sign such artists as ILLENIUM, Jonas Blue, Alison Wonderland, EDEN, ZHU and Alesso. In the U.S., Astralwerks will help expand the reach and awareness of future Tomorrowland projects and artists. We have taken the extra time to focus on projects that were on our list for a long time and one of them was definitely launching our own Tomorrowland Music label.”

Michel Van Buyten, Music Manager Tomorrowland: “Tomorrowland Music will work closely together with artists to help create strong stories around their releases. I’m very proud of how resilient our team was to find new ways of bringing Tomorrowland into the reality of the last period. Tomorrowland has grown into a global music and lifestyle brand, with its new festival Tomorrowland Winter in the French Alps, its own fashion label TML by Tomorrowland and the radio station One World Radio.

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Now, with their second album single Summer continuing to dominate airwaves and tastemaker playlists the world over, WhoMadeWho drop a dynamic, up-tempo Club Mix to accompany the beautifully introspective, tripped-out original production. Follow us on socials Currently in the midst of one of their most rigorous world tours since forming almost twenty years ago, Tomas Høffding, Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Barfod are on a three-man mission to shake off the woes of the past eighteen months and make 2021 their most prolific and memorable year to date. Speaking about the Club Mix, WhoMadeWho commented:

“The Summer Club Mix is a special flower for us… Since the original song has a very strong identity, we wanted to maintain that feeling while adding more electronic elements. Following the critically acclaimed release of Mermaids back in May, which came alongside the announcement of a brand new WhoMadeWho album due in 2022, the past few months has seen the eccentric Danish trio tick off an impressive number of career milestones, including a stunning live performance for Cercle at the Abu Simbel World Heritage site in Egypt and a stirring debut outing for BBC Radio 1’s hallowed Essential Mix series, to name but a few. In the end we made it work to everyone’s satisfaction… With a catchy riff, an uplifting beat and sufficient space in the arrangement to let the song breathe. WHOMADEWHO

First broadcast during their recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and road-tested to incredible reception at multiple stops on their on-going world tour, WhoMadeWho’s Club Mix of Summer sees the Danish outfit add their inimitable late night twist to the beautifully crafted down-tempo record, as they introduce chugging rhythms and spellbinding, cosmic synths to the dreamy hypnotic soundscapes and ethereal toplines of the original. Normally we let other artists do our remixes, but with this one we had a particular vision and had to give it a shot. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it!” – WhoMadeWho 

WhoMadeWho – Summer (WhoMadeWho Club Mix) is out now via Embassy One. After a fun week in the studio at the beginning of July, we started testing it out in the clubs while touring. We kept updating the remix after every show until very shortly before the final deadline, to get it just right.

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Yves Larock & Steff Da Campo are chatting with EDM Nations about “Rise Up” and future plans !

Yves: I’m doing pretty well and can’t wait to see the reaction to our new version of Rise Up

It’s been a crazy, crazy time. Some countries are re-opening of course and we may see better days quite soon. I just hope everybody feels great when partying to it! Maybe a weird choice, but somehow the lyrics of this song from a big Dutch rock band really fit the emotion of the pandemic: Shit happens, but soldier on! Steff: Happy! Put two incredible producers together and one of the biggest singles in dance music history, and what do you get? Was that the thinking behind the reboot? Not the travelling per se, but meeting people all over the world and the vibe of being in front of a crowd. Yves : it will be Free de VintageCulture and Roland Clark, the title speaks for itself and I love all what this guy produces

Onto much happier subjects – Rise Up 2021! Also I had more time to work on new records, made some great business deals and such, so I’m doing OK. WakuWaku, so we will drop a lot of versions later! If you haven’t yet, what track will you play? Steff: Don’t stress about what you’ve lost, but try to enjoy what you still have

Yves: as I have no better quote than that of Nietzsche “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Follow us on socials But over the years you learn that it’s not about how hard you fall, but if you are able to get up again and continue to try and reach your goals. But of course it is a great coincidence that while in many countries the scene “rises up again”, we drop this record. That said, it did allow me to focus on things that in the long run, may be more valuable, like my daughter and friends. But what made Yves Larock revisit his work, and what extra magic has Steff Da Campo managed to sprinkle on something that many consider an established masterpiece? everyone has failures in their life, me I love Roman Stoicism, you can’t act against the weather, but work to be a better person and succeed

What advice would you give to anyone who’s feeling down because of what’s happened, who maybe needs a lift or to pull themselves into a more positive headspace? Are there any tricks you’ve used in the past when you’ve faced hard times and needed to ‘rise up’? Yves: I took the opportunity to read, and above all I had to teach my daughter … after this period I have immense respect for all teachers

Has the time at home proved fruitful for your music production output? Steff: Last gig I did was last week in Romania, where Yves joined me to shoot the video. Steff: I am very happy, but like I guess everybody, I have had periods in my career when I almost felt like giving up. We’re such huge fans of the original and we love this new edit. Steff: Working as a designer and DJ

Yves: I was young and handsome hahaha and I started my career as a producer / dj after years of trying

Steff Da Campo

What made you decide now was the right time to release the single? Steff: No, we didn’t plan it to meet the pandemic cycle. Plus, how have they both been coping with the global pandemic and what else do they have to offer? It was a really great party! Or have you found it hard to get creative because of everything that’s happened? No, seriously I don’t remember. How did the collaboration come about? Yves. medicine soothes bodies, but art soothes souls, I hope people will remember it. Have you been able to start playing out yet? How are you both doing? Steff: It started with me making a new version, which was-  and is – a pretty hard hitting club record. I miss touring. Coming when the world needs a boost, something uplifting and positive to bring us out of the current mood, this new version of ‘Rise Up’ seems perfectly timed. Yves: no indeed it was not planned but I think people need a positive title and relive it, hoping that there is not a 4th wave

The message of the single is of course about rising up – is there one thing, in particular, you have had to rise up from yourselves personally? Yves : I had a few dates, but it’s happening slowly, I remember that the first title was Alein, by Eric Prydz, because after all we were no longer alone

Yves Larock

If you had to pick one track that sums up the last 18 months, what would it be and why? How have you both coped with everything that’s been going on? Yves: Always honored that producers like Steff want to produce new versions of my old tracks, and when I heard I loved it

The original track came out in 2007 – what were both of you doing back then? Do you think that people will be able to really connect with the message because of what’s happened? Steff: No, creatively I felt inspired, because I had much more time to experiment and work more closely with writers, singers, producers, I think I managed to learn a lot and I now have a load of releases ready to go! Steff: “Soldier on” by Di-rect. A demo gets refused or you don’t see any booking. EDM Nations was lucky enough to pin both artists down for a chat to find out more…

Hi Yves, Steff, thanks for joining us today. If that happens too often, you feel like giving up. Steff: It was frustrating and still is. I am not even close to what I eventually want to achieve as a musician and as DJ, but I have learnt that I have the willpower to at least keep trying and to have more and more fun while doing it. We were later also joined for remixes and radio versions by first 71Digits and later by Mr. In the hands of Swiss super producer Yves Larock and one of Hollands’ most exciting talents, Steff Da Campo, you get ‘Rise Up 2021’, a thrilling reworking of an already iconic track. My manager sent it to Yves team and Yves loved it, so we started from there and worked on all the other versions together. I just played Rise Up 2021 2021 times! Yves :I took advantage of this surrealist period to produce other styles of music, since the club was closed. Great release coming up and happy to tell you more about it! If you have, what was the first track that you dropped getting back to the dance floor? I really hope we can start partying globally again soon, especially for all these people behind the scenes that lost their jobs.

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Australian producer Friendless joins forces with Kyle Kinch to present ‘Metronome’!

Lots of good things come in twos, just like a double yolk, bacon and eggs, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, Yin and Yang and so on. For a hug to be carried out, two people must be willing to unite, so for our second release on HUGS it just made sense to combine two of our favorite producers to share the love. Follow us on socials Known for their collective releases on Sonny Fodera’s Solotoko imprint, Gorgon City’s Realm plus labels like Nervous and Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks, Australian producer Friendless joins forces with American Kyle Kinch to present ‘Metronome’ – a swinging pendulum of energetic house music. Sticking to the script, the duo pay homage to the Metronome by forming the track around the audible click we all have spent many countless sessions trying to stick to. Combined with a dark and audacious hook the scene is set to move dancefloors back and forth.

By Alex Cristian – August 27, 2021 60 0