C.Nichole – I Told You lyrics

Album Texas Chick
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I warned you
What I won’t do
What I won’t take
But you still wanna play me
This ain’t no game
Why repeat thangs
You didn’t get it
And you still won’t listen
Who do you think you’re talking to
Who do you think you’re tryna fool
Been told you that I was through
I told you
I told you

I’m not the one to stress, not the one to second guess, who you tryna
I’ll let you gone flex, thinking you the best yet, while I collect these
Checks, be on to the next

[Verse 1]
Who do you think you f-in with
See I’ma 3rd coast born, yeah I’ma Texas chick
I know you like my caramel complexion skin
Don’t let this baby hair make you think different
Cuz I’m not as angelic as you think, yeah
Cross me and you gone see
But that’s what you decided to do
Daddy ain’t raise no fools

You think that you’re something, like one of a kind
Like I couldn’t find another at the drop of a dime


[Verse 2]
I don’t care about who she is
Ya see all I care about is what you did
Blocked that ass from my Cali and
My Texas phone
Boy you far from slick from calling from unknown
And if you see me when I’m out just leave it alone
Cuz the homies put you on a hit list
I’m tryna tell them not to commence
Cuz to me you don’t even exist


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