Chief Keef – Anything Gets You Paid (Two Zero One Seven Album)

Remember what they say, you can rule the world
I’m blingin’ thanks to my jeweler, girl
I ain’t worried about you, girl
I ain’t chasin’ no stupid girls
I know I can hit it any day I want
Fuck your friends, baby, just say I won’t
I’m sittin’ here at Cryo, therapy for my muscles
You got cash for me? Put it in my duffle
I like to get it, count it, in a money machine
I cannot trust you, that’s my honesty
How many times you said you’re down with me?
All of these times you thought you were on to me
I don’t love you, I know baby, I’m so wrong
You called me, like Monica, I’m so gone
You leavin’ voicemails like, "Nigga please, answer your phone"
Slammin’ my doors sayin’ I ain’t goin’ home
Scratchin’ my cars with keys
Hitting my Balmain’s with bleach
Broke the glass all in my seat
I’m leavin’ girl, you awful to me
Don’t want me to see my shawty
That’s that shit my mama taught me
For all the shit my mama bought me
I owe her a million times for all it

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