CIIMERA delivers a main stage banger with Eileen Jaime on the vocals!

By EDM Nations – October 17, 2020 3 0
The break basically will make you dream and fly with its melodic and uplifting vocals and sounds, but then the main melody kicks with an unreleased force, ready to be deployed once the drop kicks in! CIIMERA and Eileen Jaime joined their forces again to deliver you a monster big room festival anthem called “You”. Listen it bellow:

Follow us on socials The perfect big room banger for this fall! And oh boy, that drop will hit you in the chest like a hammer! Between gritty energetic bass-drops, excellent drum work and a huge main stage breakdown, there’s nothing you couldn’t be in love with on this tune. The drop is full of energy and dynamism, filled with a heavy bassline and crispy synths and the break part is uplifting and powerful, powered by a huge layered leads theme and the amazing vocals from Eileen Jaime vocals.

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