Ezi Emela – Chineke Meh

Boy you want do
You telling me to come through
Show me what you gon do

Come and tell me if you want to
Come on
What we wan do
I no go ask you for your title
I’m sending you to write through
And come and hit it how you like to

No better
All this other girls aint nothing at all
No pusher
I never never feel no pushing on
Feel better
You better make me feel like never before
Cuz I never
Say I never
You say I never do you like this /2ce
I know I sound so rightous
I know you like them rightous
You say I never to like this /2ce
I know I sound so rightous
Say chineke meh /2ce
You make me me say ah /3x
Chineke meh/8x

Ohhh when we back
You say you like that when I bring it back
Baby if you want we can go
Anywhere we go lemme know
Ohh gimme back
When im doen boy imma give it back
I can turn this in for a show
Baby move that butt lemme know
Yea yea

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