Ginjah – People We Love Lyrics

A people wi love a nuh things
A people wi love a nuh things
Love fi kill you over car and rims
People wi love a nuh things

People wi love a nuh things
A people wi love a nuh things

(Verse 1)
The bwoy dem badmind Tego and Lerich
Wi love people all when we rich
We naw itch
If Johncrow bad tell it fly down and pitch

Nough bwoy put things over Mama
Diss dem baby Momma true the Beemer
Hi better dem simma
Seems like dem get dumber and dumber
Vanity you waan kill mi over
But wait till the rain over
Bad weather, bad weather
You nuh si seh dem life a get dimmer and dimmer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me and mi brethren a come from far
But true mi go lean pon him car
Waan big bit a war
Mi find that so bizarre
You too vanity minded yea
A vanity dem blind wid yeah
Dem brains deh pon sided
A satan dem a side wid

GO easy, go easy
Wi a come from far inna one big family

Go easy, go easy
Salvation lost, vanity shall fade away

(Repeat Chorus)

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