Jacob Colon told us about the story behind ‘Tu Sabe’ | EDM Nations Interview!

By Alex Cristian – December 13, 2021 77 0

Not really. Where can we go to listen and buy ‘Tu Sabe’? I’ve been listening to a lot of reggaeton lately which has given me some new ideas when blending urban Latin with my drum sound. Is there any more music we can look forward to hearing from you? Jacob Colon strikes again with his brand-new release ‘Tu Sabe’, dropping on 06/09/2021 with the imprint that always delivers – ‘Made 2 Move Records’. How would you describe ‘Tu Sabe’ for those who have not heard it yet? Absolutely. Use what inspires you to make a sound instead of copying someone else. 

Where did you record ‘Tu Sabe’? This track has more of a reggaeton vibe. It’s out on all platforms. I have a small circle of friends that I send my promos to before I actually release them. In my home studio. These guys are big time producers, so their opinion is great to have. Tell us the story behind ‘Tu Sabe’? Where did you gain inspiration from for this track? Once I had the vocal structured correctly, the rest of the song came easily. How would you compare this track to some of your other releases? It’s a cool blend of dembow, reggaeton and afro house. It was just about placing the right pieces together. Keep it original. I also have a big announcement on where I’ll be playing next. Armed with a discography of club-ready anthems already behind him like ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Desert Storm’, and his latest release ‘Eyes So Low’, it is clear to see that Jacob has been crushing 2021 this far. Jacob Colon is without doubt becoming one of the most reliable and consistent Producers in his format with the release production line showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. You can expect to be treated to that Latin inspired groove and undeniable House funk that many of his fans have fallen in love with. I have more releases coming up in the next few weeks. As always, I started creating a solid drum groove then took it from there. Not much of a story with this song. Follow us on socials Have you got any top tips for song writing? Jacob Colon

Whose input do you trust the most when releasing new music? Did you have any struggles making this track?

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