Ken Bauer revels his inspiration behind “Just Like You” and his future plans! | EDM Nations Interview

A: I am collaborating on a few Future Rave tracks as well as producing my own music at the same time creating a Future Rave Construction Kit for a big musical company that I cannot reveal just yet. A: The vocal! Ken Bauer’s musical talents are a gift that evidently comes naturally to the Swedish DJ and Producer, after playing piano from a young age Ken then took an interest in the art of music production and released his debut single just for fun back in 2014. His latest release ‘Just Like You’ is another unmissable hit that shows off his natural talent and skill for music production and is definitely not one to miss out on. When I heard the vocoded hook, I just instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to produce a track around it. Finally, what’s next for Ken Bauer? A: No. Whose input do you trust the most when releasing new music? How has the initial reaction been? Do you have a favourite part of the track? A: Well, with the risk of David Guetta & MORTEN disagreeing with me I would say that it is a blend of underground techno and progressive house. A: My mentor and friend Olly James. What was the inspiration behind ‘Just Like You’? A: Well, nothing more than getting my music out there for as many people as possible. Follow us on socials A: Great, the track is already supported and/or playlisted by Axwell, Yves V, Austin Kramer, Olly James, lots of DJs, Radio and Blogs and I am thrilled to see it being featured in so many private Future Rave playlists out there. A: It is definitely the breakdown with the vocoded vocal and the second drop. But also, the slower BPM 125-126 and arpeggiated drops or breakdowns and those BIG SAW horns! How are you currently keeping busy? For me it is the SAW leads with white noise attacks that are most recognisable. What were your goals going into making this release? How would you describe the sound of ‘Future Rave’? I was supper happy to see David Guetta start one of his Radio shows with my previous track “The Sirens Are Calling” that is still going very strong. A: I have few tracks lined up for release on both major and smaller but still genre defining labels. A: I am already super happy with the early support but obviously getting a final approval by the founders of Future Rave is always nice. But to be honest it is still early, I am a little bit disappointed to see it haven’t been picked up by any editorials yet, but time will tell. Who would you love to see supporting ‘Just Like You’? Did the release meet your expectations?

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