Laden – Nah Vex Lyrics

Mi sure she you did have man before mi
Or a million man before mi
So how as mi hear she you give weh the pu**y mi baby
Mi fi a plan fi run weh

No if you gi weh the pu**y gyal mi naw left you
A suh the supn set gyal mi naw vex to
Regular mi hide and spar left you
Mi know she you waan sex to

Suh if you gi weh the pu**y gyal mi naw left
If you gi weh the pu**y gyal mi naw left
Gi weh the pu**y gyal mi naw left
Worst if a one time mi cyaa left

(Verse 1)
??Listen the tanvoice
Baby girl you si if it’s a one night
When a one man give you a one bribe
Give you a one drive
You living you damn life

But you know things a go change tho
Like mi a go know you a nuh rainbow
Everyday mi in a you lane tho
And mi know you a nuh saint tho

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
If you giving it one time
It is your damn choice
Or maybe mi tell you seh you sill in you damn mind
You a nuh mi rain bwoy and you a nuh sunshine
Mi don’t even call, only link wid you sometime
Yet still mi cool wid it
Da gyal yah know how fi abuse mi d**k
Long-long time wi a f**k now
All now shi nuh lose the grip

(Repeat Chorus)

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