By listening to the sixteen different songs you can hear the musicality of these all-rounders. Lucas & Steve explain, “We’ve been working towards this album over the years and have been waiting for the right time to release it. From writing camps in Los Angeles to Sweden and on tour through South America and Asia, among others. he duo Lucas & Steve are releasing their highly anticipated debut album ‘Letters To Remember’ today on Spinnin’ Records. You will hear that.”

All songs were written, produced and recorded together with great artists and young talents from different parts of the world. Each song has its own story and sound. These influences can be heard on the album. The songs are still recognisable by Lucas & Steve’s signature catchy melodies with a pop sound, but in an even more mature, versatile musical guise. This pop-dance album, consisting of 16 tracks, representing a new musical highlight in their 10-year career. 

Before the Corona period, the duo drew inspiration from all over the world. For example, the many guitar solos and piano compositions are their own. With the album, the duo shows that they are more than just “DJs”. We have matured ourselves, and our music has grown with it. The experience of travel and new cultures resulted in a new sound for the duo. From writing to recording, thinking up melodies to producing and so much more. That moment has now come. All the experience we have gained has been incorporated into this album. Follow us on socials

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