Lupe Fiasco – Killers Lyrics

(Chorus – Lupe Fiasco)
Looks like we gonna be fighting in the streets
Its what its looking like to me nah
So you stay right there as we bow our heads and say our prayers
It’s a lot of killers in this room mama
I hope I make it out pools mama
I’m gonna show em what to do mama
I’m gonna take em off to school mama

(Verse – Lupe Fiasco)
He was talking that on stream
He was talking that online
You can say whatever you want
But you ain’t talking that right now
Maybe you can tell yourself exactly how to take this game back
Save you from these combos, maybe help you out these frame traps
Moment 37 you to heaven with the Quickness
1-800-EX-TATSU call me if you whiff it
V-in-trigger, stands for Valle, now let’s get to business
Evolution we just brought you up in here to witness
Fight Stick – like it cleaned, keep it wiped off
On the mic, but I fight, call me Mike Ross
It’s about to go crazy turn the lights off
Done killing him and I’ll come and be fighting y’all

(Repeat Chorus)

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