P. Reign – Prescription Freestyle

Today I had to pinch myself to wake up, boy wake up
Be thankful that you got your weight up
Be thankful that the woman layin’ next to you is bad even without no makeup
Be thankful that her momma made her, yeah
I stare at that pretty bitch as I reminisce about [?] in a world that ain’t gimme none
Shoutout Kobe and the Lakers, I learn from my favorite players
Like never shoot the 3 when there’s a layup
Roy Jones Jr. taught me my left hook
Resilience from Westbrook, waiting to see what my brother KD and the chef cooked
Meanwhile I been cookin’ up, shit is finally lookin’ up
Don’t look down, ’cause being good ain’t good enough
When they hear us talk they say it feel like rap
I heard your new shit and all I thought was it sound like trash
Pussy is power, she got a nigga hooked like crack
And got an onion, wanna cry when you peel that back
Like this can’t be life I must be dreamin’
I wake up and hit the gym to exercise my demons
Nowadays these niggas switchin’ up just like the seasons
Reps Up, with a punishment that’s there for treason, they won’t even
This is for the ones who doubted
Fuck rapping I’m shoutin’, I’m boomin’, you bouncin’, now witness the movin’ of mountains
Always knew I had this shit to a science
Back when me, Drizzy and Voice, recorded at Bryan’s
Before we called Toronto the six, and Carty was the only nigga from the city puttin’ out hits
Had a list for all the shit I want when I get rich, boss
And this gon’ be the year that the lines get crossed, off
Fuck informants, fuck law enforcement, I wanna fuck four hoes and call it a quartet
Scar from my childhood, I’m scared of divorces
And ’cause of that reason I cannot be yours yet
I wanted to forfeit, I pray to the pulpit
I could of just lost it, I’m fucking exhausted
There’s no more loyalty, gotta be cautious
Not enough soldiers and too many bosses
I paid my part nigga, never been ashamed to say I love my dogs
So where’s your heart nigga? Been there, done that, still rollin’ like I’m on run flats
Minor setback are just setups for major comebacks
Talkin’ bout the six, boy, we built that city
I show the real niggas love, and I got that clearly
I’m slavin’ while you was hatin’ boy, we call that envy
Want that drop can’t stop ’till I cop that Bentley
Stay quiet, boy you livin’ out your broke down Chevy
Gotta lightweight with me but he hold that heavy
Comin’ from where’s [?] and the foes ain’t friendly
Handle like AI and shoot like Reggie
Who gon’ check me

Rather die than live the way you livin’
If we ride ’em ride, that’s on my chariot
Eye for an eye and I ain’t kiddin’
Put on a suit and tie and handle business
And way before Meek switched up I was the realest
In the city, my city still on my fitted
I just want a ménage with all my women
Just wanna touch the stars with all my niggas
And this could be yours, all yours, but you ain’t trippin’
They tryna knock me off, but I ain’t slippin’
All I know is how to get it, all we know is how to win it
Went and copped a Porsche, and wrote this for all my niggas

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