Pops – Angel Olsen lyrics

Lyrics Angel Olsen – Pops

All those people, they don’t see me
Baby, don’t leave
Please believe me
Couldn’t love ’em if I tried to
No one understands me like you.(pops)

I’m not playing anymore
I’m not playing anymore
Did all that before
I’m not playing anymore.

Love of the chase
Love of love
What is it my heart’s made of?
Don’t you know you’ll never have a part
Please don’t start
It hurts to start
Dreaming, dreaming

After it all ends
We’ll be just like friends
Hey, what was that passing us by
Hey, it was only something in my eyes.

You can go on home, you got what you need
Take my heart and put it up on your sleeve
Tear it up so they can all sing along
Live out your life
I’ll never tell you you’re wrong
Baby, don’t forget, don’t forget it’s our song
I’ll be the thing that lives in the dream when it’s gone
I’ll be the thing that lives in the dream when it’s goneee.
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