Prodigy – Tyrrany (Hegelian Dialectic (The Book Of Revelation) Album)

No, this is not a Hollywood blockbuster
Planes crashing into these towers are real
And these buildings crash to the ground
Including one that wasn’t hit by anything at all
The American population was terrorized, hypnotized, and traumatized
By repetitive showings of the devastation
With the media repeating, over and over
That it was a terrorist attack
Yeah-yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
My confidence is up, I believe with all my soul
I could do anything that I put my heart into
I spend all of my time focused in the lab
Comin’ up with these songs, masterin’ my craft
‘Cause I’ma need that boat or one of them aircrafts
God gave me a life and I’ma live this shit
So, wassup? Don’t get your head bust up
You’re in my way, young brother
Get out my way, young brother
Or I’ma run you down
You should have accepted my offer
Brush me off like it’s nothin’
I understand, no it’s okay
Run along now, you interrupting
The illest rapper still active
Move dope, then all of my past shit
I was just a boy, I was only 19
But by mind be on some old lex shit

Race don’t matter
Your faith don’t matter
The enemy is government tyranny
All that other shit don’t matter

[Verse 2]
My confidence like armor
I know with all my being
That I coul do anything
I just work hard and I achieve it
Now watch me create money
For the next 300 years
So my great grand kids’ll eat food
Off of these words I’m saying here
Yeah, I wrote this with you in mind
I’m so far ahead of my time
My body will never catch up to where my brain is at
Sometime I gotta slow down and pace myself
I’m going too much over ya’ll head
My school of thought like the Essenes
And some secrets are best kept sacred
It’s one big religious war with these old books
Who’s wrong or right, who cares?
Wake up, they diverting our attention
From what’s really going on right here, right now
Toxic food, it’s causing cancer, you don’t have to smoke
Toxic politicians, the system is rigged but go ‘head and vote

Race don’t matter
Your faith don’t matter
The enemy is government tyranny
All that other shit don’t matter
You wish, don’t matter
You broke, don’t matter
The enemy, they threaten our liberties
All that other shit don’t matter

This time, vote like your whole world depended on it

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