Ramin Karimloo – Our Hearts Must Take Control lyrics

Gentle touch
A nervous look
The smell of flowers in her hair
Her fervent smile
That subtle lust
How could a man resist?

Trapped in a world where passion devours your senses
Lost in her mind, and I can’t penetrate those defences
She’s married, forget her
The girl’s not yours
Her head controls her heart

Reason hounds my mind
Some women tease, never give
So should I take the hint, when my heart yearns to live?

Deep in a dream, my fingers caressing that body
Locked in a kiss
Her breathless elation within me
You crave her, won’t leave her
Protect and care
But then, her heart’s not yours

She’s yours!

Bad guys never win, never belonged with the girl
So maybe I’m not bad
Our destiny waits to unfurl

Heat that’s so fierce
This obsessive desire for perfection
She bears this too
Our friendship unites that connection
This proves it- my angel!
Consume my soul
Our hearts must take control

Sensual touch
Adoring looks
Her smell of beauty floods my soul
Deep embrace
Two bodies joined
Take me,
Our hearts must take control

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