Stik Figa – Pardon The Interruption (Intro) (Central Standard Time Album)

Live from the middle of the ghetto and the street
Where they cook cocaine, keep the metal and the heat
Pop that thing the federal police
Yea that’s what it is, yea that’s what it be
Raw as it get’s with the awesome-est spit
Ya’ll call it quit still fall in the pit
It’s ya boy Stik and I rock it again

While I hold time back and I’m stopping the wind
Ah, is it him? He still got it hemmed
He do what he do while y’all following trends
I say what I say like the mic is my kin
And I’m reaching in deep for the music within
Junt give you chills and it crawl in ya skin
I’m raw as it get’s, I thought I’d repeat, y’all obsolete

Stik get it crunk and then knock out ya teeth on the hardest of beats
T-O-P, Memphis, Tennessee, Little Rock is with me when I sovereignly speak
Got it all in my reach, so if ya’ll want the beef, well the reach for your piece, piece! peace?
Sensitive imminent images bending ’em back
I’m sending them cats where they belong, you heard my song before
Ready to spit it and murder war, MC’s ain’t nothing but herbivores, kicking that shit that I heard before
Unlimited vision to get what I’m getting
I stay on my pimping and hurt these foes

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