Stik Figa – The Ends & Outs (Central Standard Time Album)

So is ya in or you out
I need to know is ya in or you out
I get the ends then I’m out, I get the ends then Im…

I got some idioms for idiots if anybody’s interested
There’s no "I" in team but there’s like two in "limitless"
The insignificant would rather illustrate with ignorance
And instigate with iodized salt, just to get in the mix
Did I announce I’m out and out the best around?
Out of this world the rest of ya’ll ain’t been out of town
I would of bought a pound of cure but they was all out
Settled on an ounce of prevention, God, good looking out
No time to lounge instead I’m inquisitive
Insisted on alliteration for the illiterates
Is that insensitive don’t mean to be disingenuous
Guilty til proven innocent especially if you indigent
Memphis indigenous, like Ball and ‘G I’m Comin’ Out
You on the couch or on the porch I’m out the house
If times money it’s of the essence you runnin’ out
I’m saving mine, might be a time I’m down and out
I don’t go out, I’m introverted and introspective
In my own world when I’m stuck at the intersection
In an instant I reflect on my indiscretions
Swallow bitter pills and probably be getting indigestion
Since my inception I feel like I’m the outcast
Dre and Antwan the outlier that outlast
These rappers outta bounds
Without a doubt put out trash
Cause a car and outfit these ho’s is putting out fast, but….

Is you in or you out, aye
So is you in or you out, check
I get the ends then I’m out
I get the ends then I’m out…

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