The Same Sun – Downtown Graffiti lyrics

Hood up, ski mask over my face
A backpack full of spray paint
Time to light up the place
About to claim another unmarked territory
No one in sight, no one to fight to attain the glory
Every time I try to describe the feeling
I picture Michelangelo looking at a blank ceiling
And this bridge is my Sistine Chapel
A place to break free from society’s grapple
Clean slate, fresh start, blank canvas
Changed heart, new lover to dance with
Bridge to bridge, story to story
But I never regret or forget what each did for me
R.O.I. so rewarding
But the businessman doesn’t see it worth extorting
To money, is where they try to lead me
But I measure success in terms of downtown graffiti

They don’t treat me as Picasso
You’ll find that we’re one in the same once you connect the dots, though
Just because I don’t paint the same style
Doesn’t mean I have to change my shoes to walk another mile
After all, they still fit me pretty well
When I fall, they still lift me up to give my city hell
Built to last, still filled with class
Meant for the concrete jungle and broken glass
They still think that they’re killing me
Still feel the need to breed more hostility
I live for this
Aerosol fuels the fire
Your rain cannot contain my electricity in the wire
So, please be my guest to deceive me
A plate full of hate and I’m still saying, “feed me”
A vandal—that’s how they all perceive me
But check out the beauty of my downtown graffiti

It’s not just art, it’s architecture
You’re standing on the bridge that I designed for the art lecture
It’s versatility; test my capabilities
Your glass bubble doesn’t show the endless possibilities
You’re on the sidelines following the guidelines
Your philosophy on life does not allow you to define mine
Still think it’s all folklore
Well step in to understand what the metaphor stands for
Take some time, see yourself as the artist
You might see what it’s like to be a part of this
So come and meet me
I’ll be feeding the needy
Just look around downtown for my graffiti

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