The Same Sun – Two-Way Street lyrics

When you look at me, I don’t feel the love I need
Conceiving deceiving thoughts you think that I can’t see
The lack of interest, so don’t disagree
You’re the perfect illustration of what love can’t be
And this is what you get when you want to change direction
But start slipping down the alleys on a two-way street

I saw the tire marks drifting from a mile away
But I never deviated—always stayed my course
Because I believed in every little word you said
I turned the headlights on max intensity
But they both burned out
When you slipped down the alleyway

And I never took the time to read
The words written on the wall you put in front of me
Then I got wise to the alibis hiding up your sleeve

And as the tire marks drifted more erratically
I disregarded all those things that you said to me
And when the smoke cleared, I was left in disarray
I saw you for what you were
When you slipped down that alleyway

So look me in the eyes and lie through your teeth
It’s all the same; it makes no difference what you say right now
Because I finally realized how
For so long the truth had eluded me
Then I caught you slipping down the alleys on a two-way street

Do what you will
You can’t take what you’ve done back
When you told me that you would never leave
Those words masked your infidelity
And you had it your way

You took what you wanted
I don’t need what you’ve got back
Now that I’ve seen your true face
So just have it your way
I always knew that it would end this way
It’s not a two-way street
It never was a two-way street

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