Tim Rice – Potiphar (Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat) lyrics

Joseph was taken to Egypt in chains
And sold
Where he was bought by a captain named Potiphar

Potiphar had very few cares.
He was one of Egypts millionaires.
Having made a fortune buying shares
In pyramids.
Potiphar had made a huge pile.
Owned a large percentage of the Nile.
Meant that he could really live in style
And he did.

Joseph was an uniportant
Slave who found he liked his master,
Consequently worked much harder,
Even with devotion.
Potiphar could see that Joseph
Was a cut above the average
Made him leader of the household,
Maximum promotion.

Potiphar was cool and so fine,
But his wife would never tow the line.
It’s all there in chapter thirty-nine of
She was beautiful but evil.
Saw a lot of men against his will.
He would have to tell her
That she still was his.

Joseph’s looks and handsome figure
Had attracted her attention
Ev’ry morning she would beckon
“Come and lie with me, love.”
Joseph wanted to resist her
‘Till one day she proved too eager.
Joseph cried in vain,
“Please stop! I don’t believe in free love!”

Potiphar was counting shekels
In his den below the bedroom
When he heard a mighty rumpus
Clattering above him.
Suddenly he knew his riches
Couldn’t buy him what he wanted
Gold would never make him happy
If she didn’t love him.

Letting out a mighty roar,
Potiphar burst through the door:
Joseph, I’ll see you rot in jail.
The thing you have done are beyond the pale.

Poor, poor Joseph, locked up in a cell.
Things aren’t going well, hey,
Locked up in a cell.

Poor poor joseph
Locked up in a cell
Things aren’t going well, hey,
Locked up in a cell

Locked up
In a cell