True love – Frank Pierce lyrics

Lyrics Frank Pierce – True love

Honestly it’s like a dream
That you could somehow think of me.(true love)

A part of me you’ve interweaved
And I’m still breaking as you breathe.

I can’t believe, I’m falling deep
And somehow you’d belong to me.

Like the air that I breathe
Falling out of space.

‘Cause you lost your way
Pulled apart at the seams.

Though it’s hopeless it seems
Calling out your name.

Just to see your face
We could runaway.

If we choose
‘Cause if it’s true love.

The days we’re apart
And we both might depart.

Won’t stop us two
If it’s true love.

And time moves us farther
And life makes us martyrs.

We’ll know the truth
If it’s true.

It’s more a creed
And less a plea.

The words that flow
from parts me.

I know you see
The waves that sweep.

And how we flow so naturally
And if I sing with everything.

You still remain the melody
Like the air that I breathe.

Falling out of space
‘Cause you lost your way.

Pulled apart at the seams
Though it’s hopeless it seems.

Calling out your name
Just to see your face.

We could runaway
If we choose.

‘Cause if it’s true love
And words blur the lines.

And they’re not
yours or mine.

We’ll make it through
If it’s true loveee.

Though it may be hard
And it takes more than heart.

Swear we can start
If it’s true.

‘Cause if it’s true love
The days we’re apart.

And we both might depart
Won’t stop us two.

If it’s true love
And time moves us farther.

And life makes us martyrs
We’ll know the truth.

If it’s trueee.
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