VEMO – Heaven lyrics

Carry the dust upon your shoulders
You’re the Atlas of the fall
Drinking alone
Only to find somebody there to take you home

In the dark uptown
Your mother’s sleeping pills are kicking in by now
When the sun comes up
It’s not the sequel
We’re all here for the rerun

It’s the end of school
And the end of rules
Say goodbye to the fools
And so long to the thieves
It’s a golden summer
From the trees to the gutters
But that’s all for the birds
And there’s none for the bees

In ideal homes
Bury your heart beside their blind suburban bones
So it goes
The soundtrack of our lives
This sad familiar song
And we all sing along
Cast away care
Everyday is one more expired tomorrow

Second wave inbound
A million speaking
No one listening at all
It could all burn down
Call the commissioner
The minister
And sing a campfire song

In Heaven
Yeah we’ve all gone to Heaven
Oh Heaven
Yeah we’ve all gone to Heaven

In our own way we hold our heads up
Cast and the crew
The director
The viewers
The sky
The stars
The shopping malls
The cars
The ground beneath our feet

Yeah we’ve all gone to heaven
Oh Heaven
Yeah we’ve all gone to heaven

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