Vintage and modern vibes from Amr Salah Mahmoud release “Real Love” !

Amr Salah Mahmoud recently released a vocal deep house tune called “Real Love”. Vocals are present mostly on the entire track, except the drop, where a flowing drum work perfectly combined by a solid bass line, are punching constantly the energy required for dancefloors. The transitions between breakdowns and drops are seamless and the whole track has a very smooth and constant energy to it, making it a perfect choice for any music lover around the world. “Real Love” main structure looks quite simple, but yet efficient. Definitely a production you are not allowed to miss out on, so go check it out now below:

Follow us on socials And Amr Salah Mahmoud really did a good job here! The track features modern deep house sounds with the 80’s vintage vibes, making it unique as sound and production, because trust me, it’s quite hard to combine old and new for a good outcome.

By EDM Nations – October 17, 2020 10 0

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