Wolftananzug – Poseidon Rules The Deep lyrics

Keep your head under water
And raise your eyes to the sky
Mirrors alive with contortion
Reflect my fleeing mind

Poseidon, hear my name
For I’m your wisest son
Alive is the bottom of the ocean
And it won’t tolerate your tide

So keep your mouth filled with water
Crystals of salt pierce the throat
A harem of subcutaneous rivers
Will flow from me to you

I am Proteus, the swimmer
My tears weave through the grey
A distant longing keeps me floating
My home, you drowned for me

Poseidon, hear my name
For I’m your protean son
I’m one with the blackness of the ocean
And I won’t tolerate your tide no more

Hear my name!
Poseidon rules the deep
Nothing left but me

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