Young Buck – The City Lyrics

Ayo man, I base this shit on real life man
That’s the only way mother fuckers gonna Really fuck wit you man!! YOUNG BUCK!!

These penitentiary phone calls keep me elevated
My last two birthdays I didn’t celebrate it
You see me on BET and MTV. Holding it down for my town down in Tennessee!!
I’m trying make this shit as real as I can, so that my fans know that I’m not playin’
And I’m not saying I’m perfect I’m just saying I’m worth it, alot of rappers CDs i ain’t even purchase
Before I picked up the mic I grabbed me a Gat
And sold crack before I learned how to rap
Damn right imma glorify it, especially when I made it
Niggas died in this game that didn’t know how to play it
Smoke blunts for the loved ones and pour out 40s
Pay bills and take care of their shorties
You don’t know about the hood look what chu doing to us
The white house probably full wit straight shooters and everything else
We living for death, just waiting to die
Jadakiss asks why and me I say why!!
To ball before I fall, at least I tired
That boy went out with a bang, he just opened up fire
Beneath this ski mask I done closed my eyes. I’m tryna but a fucking hole in this guy
I knew right from wrong but my homeboy bizz is gone
So lemme end this song and see who sent him home. MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

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